‘Unbelievable’ grapefruit-sized hail smashes cars during storm in Canada. Take a look

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Screengrabs from Gibran Marquez' video

A massive hail storm smashed dozens of cars with grapefruit-sized hail along a highway in western Canada, according to media reports and social media posts of the damage.

The larger-than-expected hail storm hit one of the busiest highways in Alberta, near the town of Innisfail, on Monday, Aug. 1, Daily Hive reported.

Hail — ranging from pea-sized to baseball-sized and grapefruit-sized — rained down on vehicles in the area, forcing them to pull over and wait out the storm, the Calgary Herald reported.

During the 10- to 15-minute storm, about 34 vehicles were damaged and multiple people were bruised by the hail or cut by shattered glass, CBC reported. The storm also caused three collisions.

The extent of the damage is still unknown, the Calgary Herald reported. Social media posts showed a glimpse into the eye of the storm.

One video from inside a car shows people covering their heads and trying to protect themselves behind a cracking windshield. The video pans, showing a side window shatter, glass falling into the car along with pieces of hail. Hail can be heard thudding against the car.

Another photo puts the size of the hail in perspective next to a tennis ball, baseball, eight ball and golf ball.

Holding a piece of hail, one person simply said “I can’t even.”

Another video shows the “unbelievable damage” to a truck after the storm.

Photos of the car of a “shaken up” family show the front window damaged and the back window partially shattered, collapsing in.

According to the Western University’s Northern Hail Project, one piece of hail set a new Canadian record, weighing about 10.3 ounces and measuring about 4.8 inches across, CBC reported.

Cleanup from the hail storm continued Tuesday, CBC reported.

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