‘Unbelievable,’ says NC dad after daughter nearly hit by cop at school bus stop

Concord Police are investigating an officer shown on citizen video whizzing past a stopped school bus just as a student stepped off the bus.

The near-miss of the student unfolds over just several seconds, video shows.

The student who stepped from the Cabarrus County Schools bus stood frozen as the officer passed on the door side of the bus in a marked Concord Police Department car, according to the video shared by Orlando Almazan Jr. on Thursday.

He later commented that the bus driver had gotten the attention of his daughter, who was almost hit.

The student stood for several more seconds as if in shock before walking down the gravel driveway of a home, the video shows.

It’s not clear exactly where the incident took place but the street appears to be a two-lane paved road with a narrow shoulder.

State law requires traffic going the same direction of school buses always stop behind the bus when the bus has stopped.

“Unacceptable!” Almazan said in a caption under the video, which is a minute and 30 seconds long.

On Facebook, he thanked everyone for their concerns. “This matter is getting addressed,” he said.

“I also want to give a HUGE thanks to the bus driver (Mr. B) for noticing the patrol car and getting my daughter’s attention,” Almazan said on Facebook.

Police on Friday said they have identified the “employee” and have begun an administrative investigation.

According to a Concord Police statement on Facebook Friday: “The Department takes all complaints and allegations of misconduct seriously and is working with Cabarrus County Schools to gather additional evidence.”

Police said they learned Thursday of the video posted by a resident on social media.

While adjacent neighborhoods are in the city of Concord, police said, the incident occurred outside the city limits.

“As a result, Cabarrus County Schools is following standard protocol and is referring the traffic violation to the appropriate law enforcement agency,” police said without identifying the agency.