Unknown Racing Roadster Is A Mystery For The Internet

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Who can figure out this nearly-forgotten car riddle?

For the most part, Ferrari is a brand that is shrouded in mystery due to its incredibly complicated history and reputation for not always following the rules. When it comes to racing, the brand has been at the top of the list of stories yet to be told, and there's no telling what may be discovered. We could talk about their current strategy when it comes to F1 or about why they have such strict policies surrounding who can buy their cars. However, one particular racing legend has yet to be investigated to its fullest extent. That is the car we are talking about today, which does not formally have a name despite the gigantic Ferrari badge accompanying the hood. Everyone from on-lookers to even the owner himself is all wondering: What is this car?

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Initially purchased in 1970 by the current owner, this car seemed to have a place on a road racing circuit as it was essentially as bare-bones as one could get. Under the hood is a massive, compared to the body, 327 ci V8, which was very similar to what powered cars like the A/C Cobra at the time. We imagine that's what the car was built to compete against. However, even that is a controversial statement when discussing this car because the front fascia looks like something from a '50s Ferrari. Still, the sides seem very Maserati-like in their design. Despite the complete mystery of the car, some commenters on the original video had some theories.

One such viewer stated that it could have originated from the Italian racing manufacturer OSCA, explaining the side styling. However, several other spectators pointed out that serial number 1185 would seem natural for an A/C Ace due to the engine and chassis. Another likely explanation is that someone took a page out of the anti-purist car movement and decided to take parts and body panels from several different sports cars until you couldn't even tell what kind of car it was anymore. We like this option best because it would mean that the badge on the hood would essentially have been placed to clown on Ferrari. As much as we like to poke fun at Italy's prancing pony, it's very unclear what this car is, but the owner has called us car people on the internet to help identify it. So, let's see what we can do.

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