'This Is Us' Fans Were Outraged With Kate During Last Night's New Season 4 Episode

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'This Is Us' Fans Were Outraged With Kate During Last Night's New Season 4 Episode
'This Is Us' Fans Were Outraged With Kate During Last Night's New Season 4 Episode
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  • This Is Us aired its third episode of season 4 on NBC last night.

  • During the newest episode, Kate got mad at Toby for sneaking off to the gym without telling her.

  • While many fans agreed that Toby shouldn't have kept a secret from Kate, they were not happy with how Kate responded to Toby's weight-loss reveal.

This Is Us Twitter had a lot of feelings last night about Kate's reaction to Toby's weight-loss reveal — and most were pretty upset with the way the Pearson sister handled the situation.

After going to a client lunch with Toby and noticing his tone physique, Kate asked him to take off his shirt when they got home. Toby hesitantly complied, revealing what Kate called his "Popeye arms." Kate said she was confused that Toby had lost weight since her "mom stress" from taking care of baby Jack has led to her gaining 10 pounds. It's then that Toby confesses he's been doing CrossFit for months behind her back.

"Kate, I had a heart attack at age 38. And with Jack, his life is going to be challenging enough, he doesn't need a dad who is going to drop dead one day teaching him how to tie his shoes," Toby explained.

Kate, however, took his comment to mean something else: "Oh, like his mom might."

Immediately after hearing Kate's response, This Is Us fans began sounding off on Twitter. While several folks pointed out that it was a mistake for Toby to not tell his wife about his gym visits, the majority found Kate's response to be pretty selfish.

Now, to be fair to Kate, she did end up coming around at the end of the episode and told Toby that she was happy he was taking care of himself. On top of that, Kate took her neighbor recovering from a stroke (played by Timothy Omundson) on a walk around the block.

Seeing how the end of the episode worked out for Kate, many said they could see her turning a new leaf.

Even though Toby and Kate swore off keeping secrets from one another at the end of last night's episode, Chrissy Metz hinted to GoodHousekeeping.com earlier this year that the two may encounter some real struggles throughout season 4.

"We’ve seen a lot at the surface with stuff, and things start to get a little more serious and they realize that it’s not all fun and games," Chrissy said. "We can’t protect ourselves with humor and sarcasm. We have to really get to the bones of what’s going on with them as individuals and then, of course, as a couple."

No matter what happens next, we're team Toby and Kate forever.

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