USC and Arizona St. have to return from locker rooms after Hail Mary is deemed a TD

Todd Graham watched the last play of the first half from a unique spot. (ESPN)

Arizona State and USC had quite the wild ending to the first half Saturday night.

ASU attempted a Hail Mary with one second left. The pass was caught by Kyle Williams, but he appeared to be just outside of the end zone when he gained possession. The pass was ruled short of the goal line by the officials on the field and both teams took off for their locker rooms.

(via ESPN)

That sprint off the field was a tad premature. After USC got to the locker room, the Pac-12 officiating crew started to review the play. A review was always a possibility, so it was a curious decision for both teams to get off the field so early.

After a review — which provided no conclusive angles to viewers at home — officials deemed that Williams had control of the ball while at least part of it was in the end zone. It was a touchdown.

But it wasn’t as simple as that. Both teams had to be retrieved from the locker room so the point after could be attempted. Only USC coach Clay Helton remained on the sidelines as the review happened.

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Thankfully, we got this wonderful footage of the field judge heading to the locker room to get USC back on the field.

(via ESPN)

Once both teams got on the field, Arizona State kicked the extra point. It was good and USC’s halftime lead was officially 31-10. The Trojans won 48-17.

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