Usher Shows Off His Smooth Moves in 'Good Good' Music Video with 21 Savage and Summer Walker

The track, released on Aug. 4, details an amicable breakup

Breakups don't always have to be bad — at least not in Usher's eyes.

On Wednesday, the R&B singer shared the music video for his latest single "Good Good," which features 21 Savage and Summer Walker and details an amicable split.

"I hate that we didn't make it to forever / Probably ain't gettin' back together / But that don't mean that I can't wish you better / We ain't good good, but we still good," he croons on the track.

The Warren Fu-directed visual opens with Usher showing off his smooth dance moves on an overpass in a black hoodie before cutting to the musician shirtless in a leaf-covered blazer lounging in bed under moody lighting.

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Soon enough, sunshine pours into the room and Usher seems more energized and stands up in a glitter-fringe blazer.

When Walker's verse initially hits, she appears on-screen in bed, sporting a silk robe. But by the time she harmonizes, three versions of the "White Tee" singer appear in a matching blue robe and hair towel.

Once 21 Savage starts spitting bars, multiple versions of the rapper appear at a restaurant table eating.

By the end of the visual, Usher and Walker unite in the bedroom — but seemingly as friends.

<p>Marcus Ingram/Getty Images, Prince Williams/Wireimage, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images</p> Usher; 21 Savage; Summer Walker

Marcus Ingram/Getty Images, Prince Williams/Wireimage, Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Usher; 21 Savage; Summer Walker

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Usher recently spoke to PEOPLE about the song, explaining that "'Good Good' is about being in a relationship with someone and ultimately letting them know like, 'Yo, we don't have to be enemies.' We might not be good good, meaning we may have not made it to forever, meaning we may not have been the relationship that was going to last forever in the way that you thought, but we can be good."

He discussed why Walker and 21 Savage were the perfect additions to the song, saying, "I mean, who better to really talk on the subject than two people that we watched go through some really vulnerable things in front of the world? Summer, 21 Savage, myself, we all could collectively tell our story as we don't necessarily always feel as comfortable talking about it in interviews and being vulnerable in that way, but on this song, it addresses the idea of what 'Good Good' is to them and what 'Good Good' is to me."

<p>Usher/YouTube</p> 21 Savage, Usher, Summer Walker


21 Savage, Usher, Summer Walker

Last Wednesday, Usher shared the music video for “Boyfriend," which featured Keke Palmer.

In the video, which was shot in Las Vegas where Palmer attended Usher’s My Way residency, the actress and singer stuns with blue highlights in her hair as she and a group of women get ready to go out in a lavish Sin City hotel room. While she doesn’t sing on the track itself, at one point in the video when the music stops while the women are in a hotel elevator, the former Nickelodeon star shows off her vocal chops by briefly singing along to Usher’s “U Remind Me.”

Palmer then proves she’s worthy of her own Vegas residency by busting out dance moves in the casino — even duetting with the “OMG” singer himself in matching moto jackets and jeans.

The video even featured Palmer breaking her silence on the relationship drama that unfolded in late July between her and Darius Jackson — with whom she welcomed son Leodis Andrellton in February — when he publicly ranted about with what she wore to Usher's Las Vegas concert.

“Yes, yes. Hello?” she answers her phone, as she wakes up in a hotel bed at the end of the video. “What time is it? Damn it! I missed the show.”

“I’m so tired,” she continues, before glancing into the camera to say, “I’m mother, after all,” with a wink.

Usher's ninth studio album is due this fall via mega / gamma.

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