Utah AD apologizes for profane outburst overheard during basketball press conference

Utah AD Chris Hill apologized on Thursday for losing his cool in public after a loss. (Getty)

Cover your ears if you’re the sensitive type.

Well, the juicy parts are bleeped out, so you’ll probably be fine. But this rant overheard during Utah basketball coach Larry Krystkowiak’s press conference after Sunday’s loss to Arizona State is profane. And funny.

That person berating someone named Bobby in the background has been reported as Utah athletic director Chris Hill. The Bobby on the receiving end of the rant is reportedly Pac-12 director of officiating Bobby Dibler.

Hill put an end to the speculation — for his role at least — issuing an apology in a statement released on Thursday.

“I have had a few days to reflect on a heated conversation I had with an individual following our men’s basketball game against Arizona State on Sunday,” the statement reads. “While my emotions were high and I thought our meeting was private, there is no excuse for the inappropriate language I used. I have apologized to the person involved, who is someone I have known for years and greatly respect. I also regret any discomfort to others as a result of my cursing. As the leader of this department, I expect more of myself and I am sincerely sorry.”

Hill is careful here not to implicate the victim of his tirade, but seeing as he was screaming cries of “bulls—” about officiating, that math makes is pretty easy here to conclude that the Bobby in question is indeed most likely Dibler.

NBC reports that Hill’s outburst is being reviewed by the Pac-12 and that punishment has not been ruled out. It seems some sort of slap on the wrist would be appropriate.

As for Krystkowiak’s alleged inability to recognize Hill’s voice during the press conference? Nah. We’re not buying that. Nice try, though. Good looking out for the boss.