Utah Houseboat Catches Fire With at Least 25 People Aboard

A houseboat in Lake Powell, Utah, caught fire on September 13, leading the 25 family members aboard to jump into the water to escape the flames.

No one was injured, according to reports.

Video captured by Tyler Hutchinson shows the houseboat ablaze, emitting smoke and a significant explosion.

Hutchinson told Storyful that he witnessed the smoke from a distance and quickly took a Jet Ski to the scene. He reported multiple explosions and flames reaching about 20 feet high.

Maddy Tolman, aboard the houseboat with her family, told KSL TV that they heard the initial loud explosion approximately 45 minutes after boarding.

“We heard a big boom! Not knowing what it was, we went to investigate. We found the motor on the houseboat had exploded, and caught on fire,” she said. “It was about five-to-10 minutes between the explosion and when the boat was engulfed in flames.”

According to KSL TV, all 25 family members, including several children, escaped safely with no reported injuries.

Authorities told 12 News that a patrol boat was nearby and assisted on the scene, yet the houseboat “burned to the hull and sank.”

The cause of the fire is currently under investigation. Credit: Tyler Hutchinson via Storyful

Video Transcript


- It's just crazy. [INAUDIBLE] fall in the water. It's floating, though.

- And it's crazy.

- The whole thing's on fire now.

- Yeah, it just came-- it just went [INAUDIBLE].

- Wow.

- Oh, good hell. Sweet heaven above.

- Where's the sun?

- [INAUDIBLE] to the boat?

- [LAUGHS] He kind of likes it.



- Yeah, something just fell off.



- Whoa!


- Yeah! Yeah, you can see the-- look at that flame just out to the side.

- Yeah, that's straight propane.

- Just like a little gas, just a flamethrower.


- I want to see it just go under. I want to see the whole thing just "Titanic" mode.

- Whoa! Look at that flame up the left.


- Full flamethrower.