Utah lineman catches touchdown while sitting on his butt (Video)

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It has been a banner weekend for offensive linemen.

Oregon State’s Fred Lauina and Wisconsin’s Michael Deiter both caught passes on designed plays this weekend, with Deiter scoring a touchdown. The touchdown from Utah’s Darrin Paulo was far more unorthodox.

Watch this:

(via Pac-12 Network)

Trailing Oregon 17-6 in Eugene, the Utes drove deep into Ducks territory to begin the second half. Utah had a first-and-goal from the Oregon 2, but had no gain on first down, an incomplete pass on second, and a one-yard gain on third.

That all set up Paulo’s big moment.

Utah QB Tyler Huntley faked a handoff and looked to throw, but his pass was tipped. Luckily for the Utes, Paulo, lined up at right tackle, fell while trying to engage with an Oregon defender. Paulo, who is listed at 6-foot-6 and 312 pounds, usually wouldn’t be eligible to touch the ball, but because Oregon tipped it at the line, it was a legal touchdown when the ball plopped right in the big man’s lap.

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The best part was his reaction. Sitting a yard deep in the end zone, Paulo had the best view in the house, but was still shocked to find the ball go right to him.

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Even after scoring, he seemed confused.

(via Pac-12 Network)

C’mon, big man! Celebrate! You scored a touchdown!

In the end, Paulo’s touchdown was one of two the Utes could muster. Oregon went on to the win the game, 41-20.

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