This $89 air heater can keep you warm both indoors and outside

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Keeping your home office warm during the winter is absolutely essential if you want to maximize your productivity. (And, you know, for survival reasons too.) This personal space heater by Nordic Hygge solves that with a unique solution.

The Värme is a light and portable air heater that’s easy to move from room to room. The first thing you’ll notice is Nordic Hygge’s dedication to Scandinavian design, which sets the Värme apart from virtually every other personal space heater on the market. It takes just three seconds to heat up the device, and it will remain on for up to four hours, after which point it’ll automatically shut off. Speaking of which, it comes with a built-in safety switch that turns the device off when the heater tips over.

Another feature you’ll find is a portable hand warmer that magnetically attaches to the Värme’s main vent. It’s packed with phase changing wax that absorbs warmth from the space heater, and it can get as hot as 122 degrees Fahrenheit. The wax will retain its heat for about an hour, so you can detach the hand warmer and carry it with you around your home or when you run out for errands.

Most personal space heaters can’t claim to keep you warm both at home and during brief excursions, but the Värme by Nordic Hygge is an exception. It would normally cost $99, but you can purchase one right now for $10 off.

Prices are subject to change.

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