You’ve Heard of Engagement Rings, but What About Divorce Rings? Here’s Why the Trend Is on the Rise

Don't resell your engagement ring—refurbish it into a divorce ring instead to celebrate your newfound independence and the next chapter of your life.

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There’s a new fashion statement on the rise thanks to Emily Ratajkowski, sparking a trend for the newly single. After the model’s divorce from ex-husband Sebastian Bear-McClard was finalized, she posted about refurbishing her engagement ring into two "divorce rings" on Instagram to celebrate a new state of independence. And the idea is getting so popular, jewelers are starting to add divorce rings as it's own product category in their stores.

We spoke with a jewelry expert about this trend to learn what it’s really about, how to get the style best suited for you, and all the best ways to show it off.

What Are Divorce Rings?

“Traditionally, engagement rings and wedding rings symbolize the commitment and union between partners, says Rachel Akmakjian, Director of Jeweler Relations at BriteCo and Graduate Gemologist. “‘Divorce rings’ are seen as a way to mark the end of a marriage and celebrate newfound independence.”

Akmakjian adds that "engagement and wedding rings can often have lower resale value when associated with a divorce or breakup, which is oftentimes the reason for trying to sell a former ring in the first place.” However, this new trend has “changed the narrative” by repurposing the jewelry into something new with a different and positive meaning.

Tips for Picking a Divorce Ring

Divorce rings can vary in design and meaning, and will ultimately depend on the individual wearing them. “People tend to rework the stone(s) in their former ring into a new modern fashion ring,” Akmakjian says. “Women may choose to wear this on their ring finger or switch it to another finger or hand.”

While engagement rings symbolize commitment and unity, divorce rings represent "empowerment, closure, or simply a way to signify a new chapter in one's life,” Akmakjian says.

She stresses the importance of having a design that is all about your style. “Pick something that would fit into your everyday lifestyle because these rings are meant to be worn more often as a reminder of new beginnings."

When shopping for a divorce ring, Akmakjian says it’s essential to find a local jeweler or online retailer that “specializes in custom work” to ensure they have the right experience to rework a ring properly.

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How to Incorporate Your Divorce Ring Into Your Style

“Wearing your new piece daily is the best way to show it off,” Akmakjian says. She adds that “jewelry is an adornment” that is meant to be noticed and welcomes any inquiry behind its significance.

Consider curating the rest of your everyday jewelry collection to match your ring, since you'll be wearing it often. For instance, if the ring setting is yellow gold, start collecting gold necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and other rings to complement each other.

Similar to Ratajkowski, you can also show it off online. “Posting it to social media is also a great way to spread the news and receive support from your network,” Akmakjian suggests.

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