A vegan dietitian who has written 9 books on the plant-based diet shares her 3 go-to breakfasts

  • Following a plant-based diet can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes and promote weight loss.

  • A vegan dietitian shared her easy and nutritious 3 go-to breakfasts with Insider.

  • She recommended choosing sprouted grain bread to get more nutrients.

A vegan dietitian who has written nine books on the plant-based diet shared three easy and nutritious breakfasts with Insider.

Going vegan means cutting out all animal products including meat, milk, and butter, in favor of fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and sources of plant-based protein such as beans, soy, and lentils.

Research has linked plant-based diets to a whole host of health benefits, including a decreased risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

There is also a wealth of evidence suggesting that eating a vegan diet can lead to weight loss. In fact, Los Angeles-based dietitian Julieanna Hever told Insider that around 90% of her clients come to her because they want to lose weight.

Hever, who has written books including "The Vegiterranean Diet," said that to successfully transition from a traditional Western diet to a vegan diet, you need to be mindful of the nutrients your body needs and plan ahead.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail because if you're hungry and you don't have healthy food ready to go, all bets are off," she said.

However, she stressed that no one should be striving for perfection because there is no ideal diet.

"Most of us really eat the same one or two different breakfasts that we rotate," she said, so if you want to change your diet you really only need to find a few recipes that you love.

Avocado toast with sprouted grain bread

Hever said that avocado toast can be a good plant-based breakfast option.

She uses sprouted grain bread, which is typically made using whole grains or legumes that are allowed to sprout before they are processed, resulting in a slightly higher concentration of nutrients.

If you can't find that, Hever said that 100% whole grain bread is okay, but you should avoid white bread as it is low in fiber and therefore less satisfying.

Hever adds some vegetables or tomatoes on top of her toast. This is a good way to get in one of the seven to 10 servings of fruit and vegetables you should have each day, she said.

Oatmeal with fruit, seeds, and nuts

Another go-to breakfast for Hever is oatmeal with fruit, seeds, and nuts.

Oats are a good source of complex carbohydrates, which help keep you feeling full for longer, she said, and they are usually gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan, making them a great option for most people.

Eating one to two ounces of nuts and seeds per day can lead to a lot of health benefits, Hever said. "They're very healthy cardio-metabolically, they're very good for weight management and they provide the essential fats and all these other nutrients that are unique to nuts and seeds," she said.

Chia pudding

Sometimes Hever will make herself chia pudding for breakfast.

Chia seeds are a form of plant-based protein, and they also contain high amounts of fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.

There are many ways to make vegan chia pudding, but if you are in a rush, simply add a non-dairy milk of your choice to half a cup of chia seeds, and leave for around 30 minutes.

You can add any toppings you like such as seeds, dried fruit, or maple syrup.

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