This Very Specific Hairbrush Is the Reason Jennifer Aniston’s Hair Always Looks Perfect

Tara Gonzalez
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I’ve Been Using Jennifer Anistons’s Hair Brush My Entire Life and It Gives me Perfect Waves
I’ve Been Using Jennifer Anistons’s Hair Brush My Entire Life and It Gives me Perfect Waves

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When I was 11, I told my mom my hairbrush was ugly and I hated it. I still remember her face when I told her, so vividly, angrily red and slightly shocked. But to be fair, she should have seen it coming. I am the child that asked for a $400 Juicy Couture Sidekick phone simply because it was pastel pink. But unlike that completely unnecessary and ridiculous accessory, this hairbrush had been in my family for years. Everyone swore on it. And my insult stung.

While my mom didn't smack me on the head with the brush (she probably should have), she did exclaim I had no idea what I was talking about. "THIS," she said, while pointing to the round Ibiza Hair brush with a bumpy cork handle, "is the reason everyone compliments your hair." My whole entire life, my hair had been my identity. Super long, very thick, dark, dark brown. She was right, everyone always told me they loved it: strangers, hairdressers, family, friends. More strangers.

As it turns out, members of the Gonzalez family are not the only ones to swear by round Ibiza Hair brushes. It's also what Jennifer Aniston uses. If 11 year-old-me knew that, she probably wouldn't have been such a capital-B Brat.

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Aniston's long-time hair stylist, Chris McMillian, recently told Vogue all about the products responsible for some of the most famous hair on the planet, some of which she's used for years. That's how I learned Aniston's signature loose and natural-looking waves are the byproduct of a simple blow dry and the famed round Ibiza brush. My mom always told me to avoid curlers if I could, and I hated the way a manufactured curl looked anyway, which is also Aniston's opinion on the matter.

Using an Ibiza round brush and a blow dryer helps give hair shape without looking too overdone. McMillian says this is why Aniston's hair always looks so approachable, no doubt part of the reason behind its universal appeal. It never looks too stiff or like you can't touch it. If anything, speaking from personal experience, I can say these brushes give you waves people want to touch. I've been asked many times if someone could touch my hair — it's strange, but I guess it's a testament to the way these brushes make your mane look: irresistible.

I'm thankful that my mom scolded me because now, looking back, I honestly have no idea why I would call this beautiful brush ugly. Every Ibiza Hair brush is handcrafted in Spain and has natural-born bristles with incredible tension to make your hair look shiny and smooth. It's often found at professional salons and photo shoots. On top of all that, the brushes are heat-resistant.

There are a variety of Ibiza brushes available on Amazon right now — although many are selling out fast. A handful of the hundreds of five-star reviews for them are by hair stylists themselves. And in 2021, we need salon-worthy tools more than ever to help us out at home. Trust me, Aniston and I have been using it for years. Now all I need is for my hairstyle, The Tara, to become as popular as The Rachel. Then 11-year-old me will really eat her words.

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