Veterans remembered in Norfolk on 'poignant' day

Woman wearing brown coat with one medal stands next to older woman wearing blue coat and several medals
Kaye Hill, seen with her daughter, Kelly (left), thought about her father

Communities in towns and villages across Norfolk gathered around memorials to pay their annual tribute to war heroes.

A procession took place in King's Lynn, from the Saturday Market Place to Tower Gardens.

Residents then gathered around the war memorial for the Act of Remembrance, next to the iconic market.

The vicar leading the service said the wreaths were a "poignant and powerful sign" of a "desire to remember".

Standard bearers with standards raised marching past an old building in Kings Lynn
The procession in King's Lynn went from the Saturday Market Place to Tower Gardens

Among the hundreds who turned up in King's Lynn were Kaye Hill and her daughter Kelly.

Kaye said she was remembering her father and wearing his medals during the wreath-laying.

She added: "Today is quite a poignant day because, at dad's funeral, we had the Last Post played and we had the standard bearers, so it was a very sad day but also a very proud day for both of us.

"I wasn't sure whether to [wear the medals] or not, but my daughter said to bring them, and I'm very proud to be wearing them."

Uniformed personnel assemble by the war memorial in Norwich with the colourful market stalls in the background
The Act of Remembrance in Norwich took place in the city centre

Current and former service personnel joined civic dignitaries and local people around the memorial, designed by Sir Edward Lutyens and unveiled in 1927.

A short service was led by the Reverend Canon Edward Carter, the vicar of the 600-year-old St Peter Mancroft Church alongside the market.

Wide shot from the steps of Norwich City Hall, showing the lion statue on the left and the parade assembled around the war memorial in the background
People at the Act of Remembrance were gathered in "sorrow, but filled also with hope"

He said: "The wreaths that have just been laid both here and in many other places are a poignant and powerful sign of our desire to remember those who have lost their lives in the tragedy of war.

"In sorrow, but filled also with hope, we turn to God in prayer."

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