Video: NASCAR Late Model Crews Fight on an Unrelated Race Car

nascar late model martinsville fight
NASCAR Late Model Crews Fight on a Race CarNASCAR Roots / Twitter

A fight broke out after qualifying heat races for Sunday's NASCAR-sanctioned late model race at Martinsville Speedway, spilling over into an all-out brawl. While that is not an unusual event at a short track, the fracas became notable when the fight spilled over onto an unrelated competitor's car.

The frustration between drivers Connor Hall and Magnum Tate began during the heat race, when Hall blocked Tate on the inside on a restart. The nose of Tate's car was briefly thrown airborne by the hit before landing back on all four wheels well before the corner, giving Tate time to make a conscious decision to wreck Hall. Both drivers took serious damage, but Hall still made the race.

With both drivers suffering a major setback during of one of the biggest late model race weekends of the year due to some questionable on-track choices, the crews brawled in the pit lane after the heat. Unfortunately for Chris Horton Jr., who was not even in the heat where the on-track altercation happened, a surprising amount of that fight took place on the hood of his completely unrelated No. 42 car in the pit lane.

Despite involving an impressive number of people, the brawl only lasted a few seconds. An alternate angle from broadcaster Flo Racing shows that a confused No. 42 crew went to check out their damaged car afterward. Both Horton and Tate missed the final race, but Hall made the field and finished 32nd. At the front, Trevor Ward held off Landon Huffman to win in a photo finish.

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