Why video replay is bad for soccer

After 18 months of careful planning – and keen observance of trials all around the world – the Video Assistant Referee system (VAR) was used for the first time in England  on Monday.

The video replay system, which automatically springs into action when the on-field officials make a “clear and obvious error,” looks set to become a staple in the top-flight game after successful trials in Serie A, the Bundesliga and MLS.

Many, including this FC Yahoo writer, championed the VAR concept when it was discussed in its infancy. After all, there’s far too much at stake in the modern game for a major decision to fall foul of human error. Why not use technology to assist decision, as they have so successfully in tennis, American football, rugby, cricket and myriad other sports?

Well, what seemed like a great idea in theory is not quite as positive in practice.

In this FC Yahoo video, we look at why VAR might not be a step in the right direction for the beautiful game. Check it out and be sure to let us know your thoughts below the line.