Video shows man flinging a rabies-infected bobcat

Ronan Glon
·2 min read

Surveillance camera footage showing a man throwing a rabies-infected bobcat across his front yard has gone viral. The unidentified North Carolina resident sent the feline airborne after it attacked and bit his wife.

TikTok user Keitchmcgeaux published the 46-second clip, according to Newsweek, but the video platform deleted the post and banned him because it violated its anti-violence policy. It re-appeared on Twitter, where it was published by a user named Evi3Zamora. We've embedded the tweet below; some viewer discretion is advised.

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The video shows a man in a quiet North Carolina neighborhood walking out to a Ford Explorer with a coffee mug and what looks like a chocolate cake. After saying "good morning!" to a jogger, he sets the mug on the SUV's hood as a woman later identified as his wife approaches the passenger side of the car holding a pet crate. So far, so good, but neither spotted the bobcat running across the street, presumably after a taste of what's in the crate.

It quickly goes downhill from there. About 14 seconds into the video, the woman starts screaming and the bobcat begins repeatedly attacking her. Her husband somehow grabs the animal, holds it up for a few short seconds, and launches it across his yard. While cats allegedly always land on their feet, that's seemingly not the case for bobcats, and it crash-lands on the man's lawn before running for cover under the Explorer. Meanwhile, the man yells that he's going to "shoot the f*****," and he wasn't joking. Police sources confirmed the bobcat was killed.

Posting on Facebook, the Pender County Sheriff announced the bobcat tested positive for rabies and urged residents to take precautions, like keeping pets indoors and not feeding feral wildlife. The man and his wife received a rabies shot after the incident, and they're expected to be fine. There's no word on whether the cake survived.