Pranksters serve McDonald's to organic food experts

A funny video has emerged of two Dutch pranksters fooling food experts into believing McDonald’s food is a healthy, organic snack. In the video, created by professional YouTube prankster group Lifehunters, presenters Sacha and Cedrique go to a branch of the famous fast food restaurant and stock up on hamburgers and muffins which they carefully prepare to look like canapes. They then head to a health food convention in Houten, the Netherlands where they proffer the snacks to unsuspecting attendees who provide some amusing feedback. “Tastes like fish, reminds me of cod, rolls around the tongue nicely, if it were wine I'd say it's fine” says one man after sampling some Fillet-0-Fish. Summing up their findings at the end of the video, Cedrique exclaims: “If you tell people that something is organic, they'll automatically believe it's organic!”