“The View ”host gets embarrassing results after asking audience to stand up to 'support chihuahuas'

“The View ”host gets embarrassing results after asking audience to stand up to 'support chihuahuas'

Sara Haines was stunned by the outcome of her studio poll, as only a handful of people stood up for the pooches.

The most important election in the United States is not, in fact, the upcoming presidential duel between likely candidates Joe Biden and Donald Trump — it's actually Sara Haines' impassioned democratic initiative to get The View's live studio audience to support chihuahuas.

Haines halted Thursday's live broadcast of the show for an impromptu poll of the studio audience during a discussion about dogs after conservative host Alyssa Farah Griffin hawked information about people needing hypoallergenic pets — to which Haines chimed in, "Or a chihuahua."

"Do people really need chihuahuas?" confused moderator Whoopi Goldberg asked.

"They absolutely do," Haines said, getting up out of her seat and looking toward the audience. "Stand up if you support chihuahuas!"

<p>ABC; Getty</p> 'The View' polled its audience about chihuahuas

ABC; Getty

'The View' polled its audience about chihuahuas

The show then cut to the crowd gathered in the studio, and, at least from what appeared on camera, a mere four people stood in solidarity with Haines.

"Thank you! All five of us, we stand up!" Haines said before taking her seat.

As Goldberg attempted to throw the show to a commercial, Haines crossed her arms and muttered, "Expected a bigger reception than that."

The subject of dogs on The View has been a contentious one ever since The Great Pooch Pageant Massacre of 2023, in which Ana Navarro took intense umbrage after her beloved dog, ChaCha Cárdenas, lost an on-air contest against the other cohosts' dogs — and later semi-jokingly alleged fraud after Sunny Hostin, the pageant's winner, entered two of her pets into the competition.

Last summer, Joy Behar revealed her harrowing search for her missing dog, Bernie, who escaped from her home on July 4 in fear of loud fireworks — only to return home and promptly take a dump on her floor the next day.

The View airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC. Watch Haines ask the audience to stand up for chihuahua rights in the video above.

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