‘The View’ Hosts Scorch ‘Pathetic’ Trump Suck-Up Tim Scott: ‘He’s in the Sunken Place’ | Video

After former Republican presidential candidate Tim Scott loudly professed his “love” to Donald Trump in New Hampshire on Tuesday night, the hosts of “The View” were properly disgusted. According to the women, Scott is now officially “in the sunken place.”

During his victory speech, Trump took a moment to address Scott directly, reminding him that Nikki Haley put him in the Senate, and then he promptly turned around and endorsed Trump. “You must really hate her,” Trump said smugly.

At that, Scott surprised Trump by walking up to the mic, and replying “I just love you!” And, after the clip of the moment played on “The View,” the hosts all audibly groaned.

“It’s so pathetic,” Alyssa Farah Griffin said disgustedly.

Meanwhile, moderator Whoopi Goldberg was mostly just stunned by the level of sucking up.

“This is so terrible, but I thought, if you get any more up this man’s backside, all we’re gonna see is Tim Scott’s feet and Donald’s — he’ll be wearing Donald Trump!” she said. “I don’t get it!”

The conversation was so intense that it ended up spanning two segments of the show and, when “The View” returned from commercial break, host Sunny Hostin took her moment to go in on Scott as well.

She mourned how “cringeworthy” the exchange was, and especially at how “uncomfortable he looked” standing at the podium behind Trump.

“He is up his, um … body,” Hostin agreed. “He’s in the sunken place, OK? I mean that’s just the bottom line for Tim Scott.”

Hostin then argued that it’s never been more clear that Scott is vying for Trump’s VP opening in 2024.

“He endorses Trump on a Friday, and then gets engaged on a Saturday, and announces his engagement on a Sunday, because it’s like, ‘Pick me! I’m getting married this year!’ And no other vice president has been unmarried and has been successful,” Hostin laid out. “So, it just screams ‘I wanna be your vice president, I love you!'”

You can watch the conversation from “The View” in the video above.

“The View” airs weekdays at 11 a.m. ET on ABC.

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