‘The View’ Pokes Fun at Grainy Kate Middleton Footage After Conspiracy Theories: ‘Looks Like a Bigfoot Sighting!’

The Princess of Wales has seemingly resurfaced, after a doctored photo of her and her kids caused even more conspiracy theories to swirl. But, the hosts of “The View” aren’t buying the new footage that’s been released.

On Monday, a new video began circulating on social media from TMZ, appearing to show Prince William and Kate Middleton out and about at a farmer’s market. However, the video is shot from a distance, and at low quality resolution.

“It’s grainy! It looks like a bigfoot sighting!” host Alyssa Farah Griffin said with a laugh on Tuesday’s episode.

As a result, many online — and at the “View” table — don’t believe it’s actually Middleton. Host Sunny Hostin even yelled out, “That’s not Kate!” during the conversation on Tuesday.

Of course, for her part, moderator Whoopi Goldberg still had no interest in engaging with the theories. So, she informed the audience that “I’m just gonna let them blow themselves out,” and then literally kicked her feet up on the table and checked out as Hostin went down the rabbit hole.

“It’s definitely a security issue, and so every royal has a body double,” Hostin explained. “And if you really close in on that video, which I have done — personally, I have done some Internet sleuthing myself — it’s very clear that the profile is not Kate. And if she really did have that abdominal surgery, why is she carrying that big, heavy bag? Ho hoooo! Case closed!”

Indeed, the Princess reportedly had surgery and was hospitalized for two weeks following a procedure in January. And, at that, cohost Joy Behar suggested that Prince William should’ve been carrying the couple’s bags to really make the video “look good.”

“I just don’t know why they can’t put out something more clear to show where she’s been, why she’s been out of the public eye,” Farah Griffin added.

All that said, cohost Sara Haines — who was one of the first at the table to get sucked into the conspiracies — admitted that this video did placate her, at least on some level.

“Grainy video is better than a doctored photo, can we all agree on that?” Haines said, earning agreement from the table.

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