Your views on Mackay's Ross County exit

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We asked for your views after Ross County parted company with manager Malky Mackay...

Paul: The team was stagnant. Malky's tatics didn't work. His reliance on White up top was really frustrating. Change was needed before we are embroiled in a relegation battle again. I believe the squad is good enough for mid-table, maybe even top 6 at a push. Hopefully get someone who can get the most out of our talented forward players.

Duncan: Neil McCann for Ross County.

Kenny: Correct decision. Was never a popular appointment and it hasn't worked out. Knowing the club, they may well appoint Don Cowie and have him supported by Steven Ferguson - this would be the most economical solution, but I feel we need someone external. Stephen Craigan? Has done work with the media team and a stint at Motherwell. Straight talker.

Anon: Right decision to let Malky go. The team were sticking and although performances weren't horrendous, you need to pick up points against those around you, which they haven't done. Would like to think his replacement will be proven with a good track record, but not the same old suspects. Would like to see McLeish or Wilder, personally.

David: There was an inevitability about this decision. Football management is a result driven business and I’m afraid given our poor run of form Malky had to go. Have to bring in somebody who is going to make an immediate impact and that is not from within existing coaches as they must also shoulder blame.

Anon: Big mistake. County will now be relegation favourites. Malky would have kept them up again this season.

Ronny: It's been coming for a while now, if truth be told. A decent start to the season had kind of papered over the cracks that started to appear about a year ago. It's been a grim watch at times following County, and a bang average defeat at the weekend was the straw that broke the camel's back.

Anon: Ruud Van Nistelrooy is the man we should approach. New into football management and the Scottish Premiership will be a great place for him to cut his teeth. Also, bring a lot of interest to the club.

Evan: This was definitely the right move, and at the right time for the Staggies. Neil Lennon, Billy Dodds or Robbie Neilson would be my top picks for a replacement.

Anon: Removing a manager is one thing but if the new manager doesn't have the tools to take the club forward you are going to get the same result. Mackay hasn't become a bad manager. If he is successful at his next club, then it will beg the question - was the winless run his fault or those of the players?

Neil: Despite Roy MacGregor's financial input, what do Ross County fans realistically expect of their club in terms of league position? It is a small, provincial club with a very limited fan base. Will another manager be able to squeeze more out of the same squad of players, to attain a top 6 finish?

Anon: Malky Mackay has been a good manager, brought in some decent players. As always, the very good ones move on and the manager needs to rebuild. Over time I guess that can sap a manager. County has been lucky to have a manager of his calibre but maybe it's the best time for both parties to part ways.

Mark: I think it is really harsh what has happened to Malky. One win moves them up to 8th. He has provided stability in his time at County and has bought and sold well.

Anon: Callum Davidson would organise County defensively and find a way of getting more service to his front players. With Callum at the helm they’ll easily avoid relegation.

Neil: There should be more investment from the board and Scott Brown is available, who would bring the tactics and fight to keep us in the league.

John: I'm surprised they have dismissed Mackay, the division is very tight and a couple of wins and they would have been pushing top six. In terms of a replacement, I agree they will go with experience. Although some people say 'never go back' I think McIntyre might be a good shout.