Vikings rookie Justin Jefferson needed only 13 games to cuss out Kirk Cousins

Liz Roscher
·1 min read

There is one major benefit of NFL games being played in mostly empty stadiums: the microphones pick up player chatter that would otherwise never reach our ears. Or in this case, a player shouting.

Let’s set the scene: the Minnesota Vikings are playing the Chicago Bears at home. The Vikings have the ball in the final minute of the first half. Quarterback Kirk Cousins catches the snap on second-and-goal. He sets to throw, but is soon under pressure. He runs. He runs. He ... runs some more. He finally throws the ball, but too high for rookie wide receiver Justin Jefferson to catch.

How did Jefferson react? He wasn’t happy, and he let Cousins — and the viewing audience — know about it. [Warning: graphic language ahead.]

If you’re counting, it took just 13 games for Jefferson to loudly cuss out his quarterback on national television. Jefferson better hope Cousins doesn’t make him wash his mouth out with soap after that.

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