'I needed to see this': Influencer's empowering video about hair loss goes viral

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Robyn Germyn has been sharing her hair loss journey with followers on Instagram and YouTube.
Robyn Germyn has been sharing her hair loss journey with followers on Instagram and YouTube. (Images via Instagram/RobynGermyn)

Robyn Germyn has been making waves on social media for encouraging people to accept themselves - flaws and all.

The actress, model and activist went viral after partaking in a TikTok and Instagram trend which has users showcasing their glow-ups, from makeup-free to camera-ready glam. Germyn, who was diagnosed with alopecia areata, flipped the trend on its head by removing her wig and showing off her hair loss to remind her followers that nobody's perfect — even if they appear to be online.

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Since posting her reel on Feb. 16, Germyn's video has blown up on social media, collecting over one million views on Instagram.

"In this social media world that pushes us to always be so perfectly put together, remember that it’s OK to not be as well," she captioned the now viral post. "You are just as worthy and beautiful both ways!"

The clip seemingly left an incredibly positive impression on her followers, and they reacted to it just as you might expect; with nothing but support and praise.

"I needed to see this. This hair loss journey is so stressful and I don't feel pretty anymore. But when I saw this, it really made me smile. Thank you," one person wrote.

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"I developed alopecia areata during quarantine and it's been very hard," said another. "Your account is giving me a much needed dose of self-love. Thank you!"

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"My two-year-old daughter has alopecia and has started to go bald! This is so beautiful to see other woman being confident in their own skin," another commenter added. "I hope I can raise her to be happy and empowered like this."

Germyn's video is just the tip of the iceberg; She has been spreading the word to raise awareness about alopecia and advocating for the abolishment of unrealistic beauty standards for years.

On Tuesday, Germyn shared an emotional post to Instagram, giving her more than 10,100 followers an update on her journey thus far, and thanking everyone for their support since her reel went viral.

"Started my day with over one million views on my reel!," she wrote. "I’m so thankful and truly over the moon to think that many people have seen that video. One million people out there have seen my message and hopefully left feeling inspired and empowered. The journey of having something that makes you 'different' isn’t always easy. but time and time again I'm shown how important it is to embrace what was given to you."

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Germyn has been chronicling her journey with hair loss after she was diagnosed with alopecia areata nine years ago. The autoimmune disorder effects approximately two per cent of the world's population in some form over their lifetime by causing hair loss on the scalp and body in random patches, which can cause tremendous emotional and psychological distress.

"Sharing my story has always come back to me tenfold. The amount of love, support, and acceptance that has come my way these past 5 years has made sharing what I’m going through, worth it," she said. "I'm grateful to have this platform to be able to express myself and let my emotions flow through words and captured moments. I'm so proud of that girl who took a leap of faith, closed her eyes, took a deep breath and snapped that picture all those years ago. When she opened her eyes, the world was waiting."

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