Millions Of Women On TikTok Are Sharing How Trusting Their Husband With Their Best Friend Ruined Their Marriage

Not that you need to google "husband slept with best friend" to know that it happens but, for the record, it is not uncommon...

Search engine results for "husband slept with best friend" from various websites discussing infidelity and personal stories

And a very quick search on any internet platform is proof. In fact, according to nationwide responses gathered by the General Social Survey, over 21% of men were unfaithful to their wives, and over 50% of those men admitted they cheated with someone they knew well, like a close friend.

Google search results page for "husband slept with best friend," listing Reddit threads discussing infidelity and related experiences

Now, the husband-best-friend relationship is going viral on TikTok — and people are not holding back.

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It started when some women started posting videos of their husbands getting very, erm, cozy(?) with their best friends, saying things like, "I feel sorry for girls who can't trust their best friends with their husbands!"

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The videos featured things like the best friend and the husband embracing each other for long periods, jumping in pools latched on to one another (even after they hit the water), cuddling on the couch, and more.

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The wives were sharing these videos to humble brag about how much they trusted both their husbands and their BFFs together. BUTTTT...many women saw the intimate interactions as red flags:

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Some felt the videos made it obvious that the husbands and best friends actually had more than just platonic feelings:

User comments, "Baby, those folks are in love. lol"
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For the record, we don't have any proof these husbands and BFFs cheat with each other, but thousands of women on TikTok seem to think the videos are all the proof needed:

User comments, "He is hitting that" with a laughing emoji. User responds, "Oh FOR SURRRRRE"
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The skepticism mainly came from women who had experienced this type of cheating firsthand:

User comments: "Yeahhh I had that, they're now married and expecting a baby next month" followed by laughing emojis
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As the wife:

Comment from user: "My best friend just had an affair with my husband!! They now live together!!" with 33 likes and a heart reaction
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As the BFF:

User comment reads: "I was that girl until he told me he wanted to run away with me and leave her ? I politely declined and lost two friends"
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Or as the external party:

User comments, "Ooof. Last time I saw this, I warned my friend. She didn’t buy it. 6 months later, she caught them!"
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Even women who were in long-term, happy marriages agreed that the level of ~comfortability~ between the husbands and best friends in most of the videos was concerning:

A comment from user reads, "Yup. Nope. Not ok with me, and I feel like I gave a super secure marriage after 16 years" It has 20 likes and one reply
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Many women who were the "best friend" backed the married women saying the videos were inappropriate:

Profile picture of a person followed by a comment that reads, "I'm a single best friend and absolutely not. Not ever"
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Overall, hundreds of thousands of women agreed it is nice to have a relationship/get along with their bestie's partners, but there is a certain line that shouldn't be crossed:

User comments, "I saw this yesterday and this is insane. My best friend and I get along with each other's husbands, but not like this," with laughing and skull emojis
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And it is pretty wild to see that over 80,000 women actually don't care about and/or dislike their best friend's husband:

User comments that her best friend and husband lowkey hate each other. User replies, unsure if her best friend and husband have ever high fived
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Finally, nearly 20,000 people see their friend's husbands as mere creatures who are just *there* haha:

User comments, "I would never touch a friend's husband like that, they barely exist to me lol"
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In conclusion, the viral videos are making many women hyper-aware of the husband-best-friend dynamic. So, we want to know: How close is too close when it comes to your hubby and bestie? Would you want them to be friends, or have you experienced anything related that you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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