A Viral Nutella Banana Hack Puts Fruit At The Center Of The Party

Nutella and banana puff pastry
Nutella and banana puff pastry - Elena Demyanko/Shutterstock

Some things are just better together. Look at bananas and Nutella, for example. If you're on dessert duty and you show up to the dinner party with a bunch of bananas tucked under your arm, you aren't likely to score many points with your fellow guests. Showing up with a bunch of bananas slathered in Nutella, however, is almost certain to elicit a totally different response. And once you add some puff pastry to the mix, you're well on your way to becoming the life of the party!

Kyle Istook, a content creator of outrageous snack creations, reveals in his viral TikTok: a golden brown puff pastry, artfully filled with gooey Nutella and soft bananas. It may look and sound like a creation that can only be achieved with advanced cooking skills, but he shows us that it's far simpler than the finished product implies. The TikTok-worthy treat is made in just a few easy steps, with the help of pre-made pastry dough.

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The Treat Is As Simple As It Is Tasty

Banana and chocolate puff pastry
Banana and chocolate puff pastry - Rhana.proyanih/Shutterstock

In his video, TikToker @kyleistook starts by slicing both ends of a banana, removing the peel, and using a wire tool to carve out a thin and shallow ravine along the length of the banana. Without a carving tool, this can also be done with a small spoon. Using a spatula, the groove is then slathered with Nutella, and subsequently stuffed with strips of Kit Kat for a satisfying crunch.

Kyle Istook then spreads another heaping helping of Nutella over one side of flattened pastry dough -- because one can never have enough of the chocolaty spread. After rolling the puff pastry around the banana until the fruit is totally covered, he uses a brush to coat the ensemble in what is presumably an egg wash. The egg wash not only acts as a sealant, but it also works to brown and crisp the dough, leaving it with a skillful looking sheen.

Popping the creation in the toaster oven and pulling it out once it's golden brown, Kyle Istook then sprinkles the treat in powdered sugar. While the video doesn't offer cooking times or temperatures, typical store bought crescent rolls should be baked in the toaster oven at 375 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 12 minutes, or the air fryer at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for nine minutes, turning them over halfway through to ensure that each side is crispy and delicious.

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