Viral photo of breastfeeding mom smoking pot stirs debate

Kayla Marlow has since deactivated her Facebook account, but this viral photo was screenshot and shared worldwide. (Photo screenshot via Facebook)

A photo of a young mother who appears to be smoking marijuana from a bong while breastfeeding her baby is being slammed by critics worldwide.

Kayla Marlow reportedly first shared the photo to the private Facebook cannabis parenting support group CannaParentingSupport.V.420. The young mom from Portland, Ore., can be seen cradling her baby while apparently inhaling from a purple bong as her friend lights it up for her.

“Needed a safe place to share this beautiful picture — feeling blessed with Krystal Rose Shillingford-Holm,” Marlow captioned alongside the shocking photo.

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(Photo screenshot: Facebook)

The photo received a lot of backlash — so much so that it appears Marlow and Holmes have deactivated their Facebook accounts. Still, Facebook users took screenshots of the snap and it’s now being circulated worldwide.

“Ok, I’m more liberal than conservative, and I support responsible legalization, but this is f—ing ridiculous!” one woman named Sarah commented. “If you want to smoke, do so when kids aren’t in your care.”

“Idiots. I’m no doctor but I’m pretty sure a newborn child breathing anything besides air is probably bad,” a man named Richard commented under the photo. “I’m not anti-marijuana myself. I don’t smoke it, but I don’t have anything against those that do… but if it were a cigarette she was smoking, everybody would lose their minds over smoke inhalation, but somehow no one is batting an eye? Especially the mother? I’m just shocked.”

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According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, there is insufficient data to evaluate the effects of marijuana use on infants. (Photo: Getty)

Despite the criticism, a few people supported Marlow and some even suggested that they smoked pot while breastfeeding.

“Love it!” commented a woman named Sierra. “My boyfriend would do this for me when I breastfed and of course you have to do the lean over so you don’t bump their head or light their little hairs on fire.”

In Colorado, marijuana is legal for adults over 21, but the government sent out a fact sheet on marijuana and breastfeeding, warning moms about babies and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the chemical in marijuana that makes you get high.

“THC is stored in body fat, it stays in your body for a long time,” the fact sheet states. “A baby’s brain and body are made with a lot of fat. Since your baby’s brain and body may store THC for a long time, you should not use marijuana while you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Breast milk also contains a lot of fat. This means that ‘pumping and dumping’ your breast milk may not work the same way it does with alcohol. Alcohol is not stored in fat, so it leaves your body faster.”

According to the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, there is insufficient data to evaluate the effects of marijuana use on infants during breastfeeding, so marijuana use during this time is discouraged until such data is present.

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