'Virgin River' Fans Are Worried About Jack After the Season 2 Finale

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  • Season 2 of Virgin River ended with a major cliffhangers surrounding Jack's fate.

  • Fans are now worried that Jack's time in Virgin River is over.

  • Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, who play Mel and Jack respectively, addressed everyone's biggest question right now: Who shot Jack?

Virgin River fans can't seem to catch a break.

At the end of the first season, Charmaine dropped a huge bombshell that ultimately changed Mel and Jack's relationship forever. But the season 2 finale was even more shocking: At the very end of the episode, Mel found Jack on the floor of his bar with a gunshot wound. While he appears to be alive, his current condition remains up in the air.

Now, Virgin River fans have one very important question: Who shot Jack?

While it makes sense that Calvin and his crew would be behind the job, some fans are keeping their eyes on Charmaine.

Another fan pointed out that Paige/Michelle's friend who came to talk to Preacher could've had an ulterior motive. Maybe she teamed up with Wes' brother to seek revenge after what Paige/Michelle did to her ex-husband?

Although Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson, who play Mel and Jack respectively, know what lies ahead for Jack, they admitted to Entertainment Tonight that they also don't know who was behind the attack. "The writers are certainly leading you to believe that it's the Calvin group of people, but maybe if there's a season 3, there will be a twist in that," Breckenridge explained. "It was definitely Charmaine. Do the math. I'm convinced," Henderson chimed in.

Regardless of who was responsible for the shooting, both actors eased everyone's main concern by confirming that Jack will likely return for season 3 (Netflix hasn't officially renewed the show, but it seems like a given at this point.). "I'm not saying he is, but I'm just saying I know. Never lose hope," Henderson hinted.

Photo credit: Netflix
Photo credit: Netflix

Breckenridge echoed Henderson's point, explaining to Entertainment Tonight that she doesn't think the writers would put Mel through that type of pain in the coming season. "That would be really weird because then you'd have to watch Mel go through basically what she did in season 1 all over again in season 3. That would be so tragic, especially for me because I don't want to relive that stuff anymore."

But if Jack doesn't make it out alive, Henderson is blaming the curse of Mel Monroe. "There are a lot of deaths surrounding Mel Monroe. Maybe it's the curse," he joked.

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