'We're all in this bad lighting together': Influencer praised for body positive fitting room selfie

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Vivian Hoorn, a Dutch model turned photographer, is receiving praise for her fitting-room body positive message. (Images via Instagram/VivianHoorn)

For many influencers, carefully crafting a perception of perfection is part and parcel to success and social media fame. Despite the prevalence of filters and photoshop, there are some women and men online who have chosen to use their platform to share messages of body positivity and community.

As a model and photographer, Vivian Hoorn is all too familiar with the pressure to create and capture the perfect shot. While many people would be satisfied with cultivating an enviable persona online, the Dutch influencer takes every opportunity possible to share her journey towards self acceptance with her audience.

In a recent post to Instagram, Hoorn shared photos of herself taken in a store change room to encourage her more than 287,000 followers.

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“For everyone who has a hard time in the fitting room.. we are in this (terrible light haha) together!” Hoorn wrote. “By the way, best tip if you don’t fit your size anymore: buy a size up and celebrate it with some candy!”

Fans praised Hoorn for sharing her positive message of finding “beauty beyond size” and not allowing what can be a stressful experience for many effect her self-confidence.

“Instagram needs more content like this,” one follower wrote.

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“You are so right! Fitting room lights need to be banned forever,” another added. “You look gorgeous!”

“I can’t like this photo enough,” a female fan told Hoorn. “This and your words are bringing me to tears because it’s exactly what I needed to hear today.”

Hoorn has admitted to fans that in the past, she would go on diets in order to have the “perfect” body, but is no longer afraid of how she looks.

Earlier this year, Hoorn shared a photo of herself sitting in her bikini without posing.

“You can receive all the compliments in the world, but that won’t do a thing unless you believe it yourself,” she wrote. “And I’m finally on a point that I believe this is one of my most beautiful pictures I posted.”

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