Vote: How has your opinion of President Donald Trump changed since his inauguration?

President Donald Trump

The world has had a year to grade Donald Trump on his performance as commander in chief of arguably the most powerful nation in the world, and a recent poll suggests Canadians would give him a failing grade.

Two days before the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20, the Angus Reid Institute has released the results of a survey that measured the temperature of Canada’s mood toward Trump.

The survey found the mercury is low this side of the border, and it’s not just the winter chill. Considering that U.S. trade and defence policies have the potential to directly impact Canadians, it’s worth taking a moment to deconstruct the public opinion.

According to the poll, seven out of 10 Canadians — or 70 per cent — have a negative opinion of the Trump administration’s performance, while one out of eight — or thirteen per cent — have a positive view.

The survey also found Canadians’ views of the presidency have worsened since its early days. Results showed 77 per cent of respondents are pessimistic and worried about the next three years of Trump’s term.

Trump does have some fans in Canada though.

Men were more likely to give Trump a positive or mixed rating, with 19 per cent saying they had a positive impression of Trump, compared to only eight per cent of women saying the same.

Albertans were also more likely than any other survey participants to express a positive view of the Trump administration.

Still, while 29 per cent of Albertans had warm feelings for Trump, 49 per cent expressed a negative opinion of the administration.

How do you feel one year into Donald Trump’s presidency?