Wait, why did a Jonas brother testify at the FIFA corruption trials?

plays/attends The Jonas Brothers host a charity soccer match held at StubHub Center – track and field on August 17, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.

The FIFA corruption trials are now a few weeks old. But if you thought they’d get any less weird with time, well, you were badly mistaken.

The latest random, irrelevant, hilarious twist was an unexpected appearance at the witness stand from none other than American pop star Kevin Jonas – one of the three Jonas Brothers.

Huh? Why?

It’s a bit of a long story, but essentially, federal prosecutors in New York needed to prove that a Paul McCartney concert in Buenos Aires on Nov. 11, 2010, did in fact occur. Why? Because one of the defendants in the trial, Juan Angel Napout, had, according to prior testimony, been in attendance that night. And tickets to the concert — worth five-figure American dollars — were allegedly one of the many bribes Napout received.

But the defense team representing Napout, a former Paraguayan soccer official implicated in the bribery case, refused to specifically admit that the concert even occurred. The prosecution, therefore, simply had to find someone who had attended the concert. So who did they find?

Not a random Argentinean Paul McCartney fan. Not an American tourist who had travelled for the occasion. Kevin Jonas. Of course. He took the witness stand, answered a few simple questions, and was on his way.

Just for good measure, he gave a bit of background, too. Nothing that was especially relevant to the case, but …

The FIFA trials are the gift that keeps on giving. Unfortunately, the prosecution is expected to rest its case on Friday.