Wait a minute: The babies shown at Beyoncé and Jay-Z's opening night aren't their babies?!

Wendy Geller
Writer, Yahoo Entertainment

How to make a huge splash to kick off your world tour? Beyoncé and husband Jay-Z did that handily on the opening night of their worldwide “On the Run II Tour” Wednesday in Cardiff, Wales, by displaying a shot of the almost 1-year-old twins, Sir and Rumi, on the jumbo screen.

Well, wait just a hot minute. According to various reports — all featuring confirmations from the singer’s rep — the babies in the photo are not Sir and Rumi. (Yahoo Entertainment also reached out to Bey’s camp, and at posting time was still awaiting confirmation.)

Bey and Jay have been stingy with images of their twins to date, making it downright impossible for anyone to identify them. The official tour Twitter account even notes that the babies are Sir and Rumi, as seen below — and the post has not been corrected or removed.

So, who are these mystery children, and how did they end up in the arms of music’s currently reigning power couple? There’s no information on that yet — but there is, of course, a slew of social media reaction, ranging from mystification to amusement regarding the random babies.

To further confuse the matter, Bey and Jay apparently showed off footage of what appears to be a vow renewal ceremony (they recently celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary). In this footage, the real twins — or so it seems? — are featured.

Everyone following along? If it’s TL;DR: Bey and Jay showed off photos of twin babies that weren’t their twin babies, but also shared footage that apparently showed their twin babies. Motive unknown.

Once you’ve figured it all out, let us know; meanwhile we will be eagerly awaiting future tour stops to see if the Carters decide to clear up this mysterious journey they are taking all of us on.

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