Walmart workers hear cries from deep inside storm drain. See adorable critter’s rescue

Deep within a muddy storm drain was an adorable critter crying for help amid a Texas heatwave.

Walmart workers heard the cries, then called first responders, according to a Facebook post from Orange County Emergency Services District #1.

Rescuers responded to the Walmart Supercenter in Vidor at about noon Wednesday, Sept. 6.

Once on scene, the fire crews had to climb into the storm drain through a manhole, photos show. A rescuer then crawled 30 feet into the drain, where he found a trapped kitten.

“Contrary to popular belief it’s not an everyday thing that we get to help out a kitten in a tight situation,” the department said. “And no we don’t have to save cats out of trees but storm drains are another thing, especially in this heat wave.”

“Thanks for just being decent human beings,” one person commented. “You’re all heroes!”

“Thank y’all for saving this baby!!!” another Facebook user wrote. “And awesome job to the employees of Walmart for being so observant!”

“Thank you for your compassion and saving the little kittens life!” someone else said. “You are a true HERO!”

Walmart did not immediately respond to a request for comment from McClatchy News on Sept. 7.

Vidor is about 95 miles east of Houston.

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