The Walmart yodeling kid wants to sing a duet with Kyrie Irving

Kyrie Irving is a basketball player, but the Walmart yodeling kid wants Kyrie to sing a Hank Williams Sr. duet with him. (AP Photo/Charles Krupa)

Right now, everyone is in love with the Walmart yodeling kid. He sang a Hank Williams Sr. song at a Walmart, and the video went hugely viral. There are now countless remixes and memes, and no one can get enough of this little kid and his big, distinctive voice.

His real name is Mason Ramsey (he hasn’t changed it to Walmart Yodeling Kid… yet), and since he became internet famous, he’s done cool things like go on “Ellen,” and perform at Coachella. But what does he want to do now? Mason wants to sing a duet with Boston Celtics star Kyrie Irving.

Obviously we need to back up and see how and why this revelation came about. On Thursday of last week, Mason met with members of the Lipscomb Academy baseball team at a Cracker Barrel, while wearing an impressive belt buckle that was nearly the size of his 11-year-old head.

Seriously, that belt buckle is enormous. How does he even walk while wearing that? Doesn’t it weigh him down? Anyway, the person behind Cracker Barrel’s Twitter account took the opportunity to thank Mason for his business, and asked him a question.

That’s a question that makes sense, right? Mason’s a singer who loves Hank Williams Sr., so why not ask him about singing a duet? Mason answered, and it was awesomely bonkers.

Why Kyrie? Mason didn’t elaborate. He just tagged Kyrie Irving in his tweet and left it there, leaving us to wonder why in the world this kid would want to sing a Hank song with Kyrie Irving. Kyrie might be up for it, he seems like he would enjoy a little karaoke, but still — why!?

Regardless, now the ball’s in Kyrie’s court. Will he sing a duet with Mason Ramsey? Or will he continue living his life exactly the same way he did before he was tagged in that tweet? Only time will tell.

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