All-Washington Taco Bracket champion crowned. See who readers voted the state’s best taco

Dos Hermanos

It’s been nearly eight months in the making, but Washington state McClatchy readers have finally picked their favorite taco.

Beginning in July 2022, Olympia’s readers made their pick for the city’s best restaurant for tacos. Then in October, Pierce County and Tri-Cities picked their favorites, and Bellingham decided on its preferred taco in January.

Since February, the top eight restaurants from these same four regions have competed for the title of Washington state’s best taco. For the fifth and final round of voting, it was between Olympia’s Dos Hermanos and Tacoma’s Taqueria El Sabor.

Over 400 of you voted for one of these eateries in the championship match. It’s time to unveil the results to the question: who makes the best taco in Washington state, according to McClatchy readers?

WA’s favorite taco restaurant

After five rounds and a total of 1,300 votes across five rounds, readers have voted Dos Hermanos as Washington’s best taco.

Last summer, we held a bracket for Olympia’s finest tacos. At the end of the city-wide, 32-restaurant bracket, Dos Hermanos proved to be the favorite. Now, the Mexican eatery has again prevailed as the clear victor, graduating from Olympia’s favorite taco to the best in the entire state.

Dos Hermanos is a family-owned restaurant run by owner Augustin Galicia and his wife, Lupe. The eatery started its business in 2013 as a food truck, serving customers primarily out of Joint Base Lewis-McChord. Since 2018, the restaurant has been firmly planted inside downtown Olympia’s popular 222 Market building.

“We are very lucky to be here in Olympia,” Galicia told The News Tribune in an interview. “The community has shown us a lot of support. They tell us every day how much they like the food.”

All of Dos Hermanos’ recipes are passed down through the family, such as their salsa.

The restaurant’s handmade corn tortillas are just one aspect that makes its tacos stand out.

To begin with, Galicia said he is very particular about the kind of corn flour they use for tortillas. After testing several different varieties, he decided on an organic yellow corn flour from Oregon. The method of creating the tortilla is also important, Galicia says. It requires knowledge of how to mix the ingredients together, how long to keep it on the griddle, when to flip the tortilla and so on.

“We believe that a great taco starts with a great tortilla,” Galicia said.

Galicia also commends his staff for the work they do in the kitchen.

“They really know the recipes,” Galicia said. “And they take pride in what they’re doing, and they are happy to hear feedback, positive feedback, from customers. It just keeps them motivated to work and be back the next day and do it all over again.”

Bracket runner-up

There had to be one winner, but Taqueria El Sabor is still one of the state’s most beloved places for tacos.

With nearly 500 reviews on Yelp and an almost-perfect 4.5-star average rating, Washington’s taco enthusiasts are clearly impressed. Reviewers have commented favorably on the restaurant’s large portions and terrific sides of rice and beans. Those ordering a taco plate can choose from a variety of meats, including spicy pork, fried pork, steak, shredded beef, beef cheek and tongue, chicken, tripe or fish.

Previous poll results

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