• Amazon shoppers can't get enough of this extra-big, 'snuggle-pedic' body pillow: 'I sleep so much better'

    It's perfect if you struggle with getting comfortable in bed.

  • The best men's white t-shirts for under $100

    The best men's white t-shirts for under $100

  • Lizzo looks ‘incredible’ in African print bikini: ‘It is the unapologetic confidence for me’

    On Monday, Lizzo shared several photos of herself wearing a Kente cloth patterned bikini by Black-owned U.K. based swimwear brand Ashanti Swimwear. She also included a video where she posed for fans in bright green sunglasses.

  • Gen Z is mocking the way Australians say certain words

    Gen Z is obsessed with how Australian accents sound to them and can't help but poke fun at them. Americans created 'naur' as a way of phonetically spelling the word "no" in a typical Australian accent. There is a tinge of playful mockery to it, of course. “Australians trapped in a Jigsaw trap would be like ‘oh naur, it’s Jigsaw,’" @reindeereks tweeted. Some Australians did kind of agree that they do sound like that. TikTok has turned 'naur' into a meme. "Australians when their car gets towed: naur, naur not my car," @theonapple said. In an F-word-laden rant, Australian @starmcg did an impression of an American impersonating an Australian person stuck in traffic. "More swearing and you would have nailed it," someone joked. "It's like you've watched me drive," another said

  • Pizza the husky has immediate bond with preemie twin 'brothers' after 55 days in NICU

    This adorable husky is the cutest protector for his preemie baby twin brothers! . Pizza the Husky (@pizzathehusky) was in for a treat when his “mom” brought home twin boys from the hospital!. Pizza’s owner and new mom, Alexandra Humbeck, had just given birth to twin boys. And after 55 days in the NICU, the premature infants definitely needed the support of an older brother. When Pizza first meets the tiny twins in their bassinets, his tail wags as he gently sniffs them, welcoming them home. As the video progresses, Pizza is seen guarding his baby brothers from harm’s way. Pizza’s fans agree that the twins are definitely taken care of

  • Surprise drive-by baby shower turns into emotional proposal

    A mama-to-be thought her drive-by baby shower was the big surprise — but she had no clue there was another emotional surprise in store. Filmed by friend and TikToker @decndeets, the heartwarming video has been viewed over 4M times since being posted, and garnered nearly 540K likes. "Our friend's baby shower was cancelled because of the pandemic. So we surprised her with a drive-by baby shower. And he surprised us," the TikTok video explained. In the footage, we see Mom-to-be emotionally looking out at her baby shower drive-by, a parade of friends and family wishing her well and dropping off presents. Later, as the couple stands on the curb greeting the cars, we see the soon-to-be dad drop to one knee — sending his already-weeping future wife into even more tears. In a time year full of emotional ups, downs, and disappointments, this family managed to make the best of the situation — and make some very special memories. Thousands of TikTokers flooded the comments with love and congratulations. "Wow so beautiful!! So happy for you guys! Best wishes!" one user wrote

  • Amazon Prime members can snag up to 40% off on smart TVs ahead of Prime Day

    Make your living room feel like a movie theater.

  • Chick-fil-A employee stuns TikTok with video of customer’s outlandish alleged food order: ‘What does that mean?’

    A Chick-fil-A employee is going viral after sharing some of their most bizarre alleged order requests.

  • The Evolution of LGBTQ Pride

    June is LGBTQ Pride Month! Here’s how the celebration of battles won — and the fight for what remains — has changed shape over the decades. Photo credits: Getty Images, Marsha P Johnson and Stonewall 1969 courtesy of Fred W. McDarrah/Getty Images, Dyke March courtesy of Beth Greenfield Story by: Beth Greenfield, David Artavia Experience Design and Animation: Kyle McCauley, Radek Michalik

  • Save money with these unique landscaping picks

    Our gardens, front porches, and backyards have become a huge extension of our homes this past year. “Social front yards,” where folks can host festive, but less formal gatherings, and “immunity gardens,” where food and herbs that boost immunity are the focus of harvest are huge trends that aren’t going anywhere this year. Don’t worry, though, we have you covered. Save money, your back, and your sanity with these techie, yet affordable landscaping picks starting at just $6. Products Featured: Waterproof Garden Gloves With Claw Classic Home and Garden Fiberglass Planter Pot Auger Drill Bit for Planting TomCare Foldable Garden Kneeler Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Thermacell Mosquito Repeller

  • Who is Karen Hausman? Mysterious older woman goes viral on TikTok

    A woman who appears to be from the U.K. has 679,000 TikTok followers and people can't get enough of her cheeky vlogs. Karen Hausman has stolen the hearts of TikTok with her short video confessionals. Sometimes without context, sometimes with, Hausman simply speaks directly to the camera and lets you know exactly how she's feeling. Hausman's short rants and raves often go viral with many TikTokers using her audio to create their own videos. "Sorry about that. I did have a bit of a temper tantrum. Feel so much better about expressing myself"... "I told you I wasn't perfect. Best thing I ever did," Hausman said on her way to Costco. The video received 4 million views and 4,847 videos have been made with the sound. "I'm smoking hot. I want to look like a Kardashian," Hausman said laying in bed wearing lingerie. The clip racked up 1 million views and 393 memes were made using the sound

  • Woman shares bizarre experience at hair salon: ‘How did you not scream’

    It's easy for trips to the hair salon to go horribly wrong.

  • Menswear style on a budget

    Host Jovel Roystan talks to stylist Khalid Briggs about how to level up your fashion game on a budget. The post Menswear style on a budget appeared first on In The Know.

  • These bike shorts are so comfortable, I want to wear them every single day

    I wasn't a fan of bike shorts at first, but then I tried the high-waisted bikers from Alo and now I'm obsessed. The post These bike shorts are so comfortable, I want to wear them every single day appeared first on In The Know.

  • Could this be ‘the most useless consumer good of the 21st century’?

    Are top sheets necessary, or are they "the most useless consumer good of the 21st century?" The post Are top sheets necessary, or are they ‘the most useless consumer good of the 21st century’? appeared first on In The Know.

  • These colorful weights make it easy to build your at-home gym

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  • Marc Jacobs’ bronzing body stick is now on sale, and it will give you an instant glow-up

    The Marc Jacobs bronzing body stick will give you an instant glow that won't transfer onto your clothes or melt off in the heat. The post Marc Jacobs’ bronzing body stick is now on sale, and it will give you an instant glow-up appeared first on In The Know.

  • News anchors freeze after ‘inappropriate’ moment: ‘Jessica, we are live’

    Sportscaster Jessica Kaimu didn't know the world was watching when she reacted to the news anchor like this.

  • Woman comes home to unexpectedly 'cursed' voicemail from pharmacy: 'Why does this feel like a threat?'

    When Kelly turned 25, she didn't expect her pharmacy to have something to say about it.

  • Co-parenting exes still have an adorable relationship: ‘Your son will thank you both someday!’

    "Having parents who aren’t together but are friendly with each other is the best!" The post Co-parenting exes still have an adorable relationship: ‘Your son will thank you both someday!’ appeared first on In The Know.