Watch Abby Phillip Surgically Destroy Each Tucker Carlson Lie In Putin Interview Boast

Abby Phillip on Tuesday crushed Tucker Carlson’s lies one by one in a theatrical fact check of his announcement that he was interviewing Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Watch the video below.)

Carlson shared the clip on X, where he now hosts the show that is expected to feature the interview. (The Kremlin confirmed the conversation already took place.)

The claims he makes in the video would not surprise those familiar with the fired Fox News star’s opposition to funding for Ukraine, the country that Putin invaded without cause two years ago.

It’s Phillip’s execution to swat down his falsehoods like flies that gives the segment something extra.

Phillip introduces Carlson’s clip from Moscow by declaring he is “lying from the streets of Russia, no less.”

Carlson asserts that “not a single Western journalist has bothered to interview” Putin in the war. “That’s a lie,” Phillip counters, noting that CNN and other outlets have requested an interview repeatedly. (Even the Kremlin acknowledged the multiple requests, essentially debunking the man whom Phillip dismissed as another propaganda arm of Russian state media.)

In one of the better comebacks, Phillip destroys Carlson’s claim that he’s in journalism. “Tucker Carlson is not a journalist,” she says. “Not even close.” The host referred to a court case in which Fox News admitted that Carlson was “not stating actual facts” and was “engaging in exaggeration and nonliteral commentary. ”

Phillip wasn’t about to take a victory lap, though. She acknowledged that U.S. aid to Ukraine has “stalled.” Her guest, Julia Ioffe of the political site Puck, said Putin was winning the propaganda war, thanks in part to Donald Trump’s disdain for Ukraine and his influence on conservative lawmakers. Ukrainian troops, Ioffe said, are “running out of ammunition, running out of men in the middle of a horrible deadly winter.”