Watch Algerian soccer fans celebrate in the most stunning and dangerous way

Algerian soccer fans filled a stadium in fire and red smoke. (Twitter)

Like a lot of things that don’t seem all that safe, this is also extremely cool.

With its ascension from Division 3 in the Algerian professional soccer league to Division 2 already set in stone, the 60,000 fans in attendance for USM Annaba’s season finale coordinated a stunning celebration they unleashed in the 73rd minute of a home game against CRB Kais this past weekend.

The celebration featured fireworks, flares and an estimated 10,000 smoke bombs, all lit at once, igniting May 19, 1956 Stadium in a sea of fire and red smoke you have to see to believe:

Such celebrations are banned in most European countries for obvious reasons, but not in the Mediterranean coastal North African country. Media outlets did not immediately report any fatalities or injuries, which seems remarkable. The game continued, and USM Annaba went on to win, 1-0.

And somehow USM Annaba will have still a stadium to play in when they ascend to Division 2 next season.

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