Watch Amy Schumer skewer beauty stereotypes, enter bikini contest in 'I Feel Pretty' trailer

Amy Schumer in I Feel Pretty. (Photo: STX Entertainment)

Amy Schumer’s comedy often focuses on society’s assumptions, expectations, and attitudes regarding women (and their bodies), and she took a playful jab at Hollywood’s obsession with female youth when she stopped by to chat with Ellen DeGeneres while wearing a decidedly babyish outfit. That appearance, however, wasn’t just random; it was a humorous way of highlighting the subject of her latest outrageous comedy. In I Feel Pretty, Schumer finds herself beset by judgments about her looks, only to discover newfound success and happiness after an absurd turn of events leaves her feeling particularly great about herself — a situation that’s laid out in ridiculous detail in the film’s first trailer, which (after being teased on Ellen) debuted online on Thursday:

In the promo, Schumer’s character, Renee, finds herself constantly being dismissed because, she believes, she doesn’t have the sort of svelte-model beauty of women like Emily Ratajkowski. Despite her insecurities, however, Renee has her life turned upside down when, during a spin class, she suffers a nasty hair-in-bike-wheel accident — and, upon recovering from that head injury, suddenly comes to see herself as the very sexpot she always dreamed of becoming. Naturally, her physical transformation is all in her mind, leading to a series of amusing incidents, including her overly enthusiastic participation in a bikini contest. But it’s also clear that this change in attitude will prove to be a benefit to her, both in terms of her career and her love life — thus, we can assume, teaching her a valuable lesson about what’s truly important.

The film co-stars Michelle Williams, Busy Philipps, Aidy Bryant, Naomi Campbell, Lauren Hutton, and Rory Scovel.

I Feel Pretty debuts in theaters on June 29.