How to Watch ‘Argylle’: Is the New Spy Comedy Streaming or in Theaters?

The world knows all about James Bond and Jason Bourne, and has seen many spies in between. But now, it’s time to meet Agent Argylle — but who is the real Agent Argylle?

That’s the question that’s plagued fans since the first trailer for director Matthew Vaughn’s spy comedy released, and Samuel L. Jackson pointedly asked Bryce Dallas Howard if she was ready to meet him. We do know who the real Agent Argylle is, but that’s a pretty massive spoiler, so we won’t be telling you here.

What we will tell you is when and, more importantly, where you can watch “Argylle.”

When Is the ‘Argylle’ Release Date?

“Argylle” hits theaters everywhere on February 2, as a pre-Valentine’s Day treat. It’ll be the first major release of the month.

Is ‘Argylle’ Streaming or in Theaters?

“Argylle” is a Universal Pictures film, so you’ll only be able to see it in theaters — at least at first. But, it’s also an Apple Films Original, and it will end up streaming on Apple TV+ after its initial theatrical run. We’ll update this space when exact streaming details are released.

What is ‘Argylle’ Actually About?

Well, like any good spy story, there are a lot of twists in “Argylle.” And we do mean a lot. Like we said above, we won’t be giving away spoilers here, but here’s the key stuff you need to know heading in.

Agent Argylle, played by Henry Cavill, is a fictional spy created by Elly Conway (Bryce Dallas Howard). He’s the star of her book series, and has been on several dangerous missions around the world. But, as Elly soon finds out, Agent Argylle might not actually be all that fictional.

When she meets real spy Aidan (Sam Rockwell) on a train, she’s thrust into chaos, as she’s told that everything she’s written has actually come true in real life, with real spy organizations. Obviously, these are covert organizations, so for her to accidentally brush up so close against these events is, well, less than ideal.

Oh, and she had a pet cat, named Alfie, who winds up accompanying her on this adventure. Beyond that, we’re sworn to keep this mission confidential.

Watch the ‘Argylle’ Trailer

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