WATCH: Brain Dead British Teen Wakes Up Before Organ Donation Surgery in 'Miracle' Video

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Someone who has been brain dead for days finally wakes up hours before their organs are to be donated. Does this sound like a movie plot and not a real-life situation? Well, be amazed as this actually happened to a teenager British teenager. 18-year-old Lewis Roberts, from Leek, Staffordshire, was declared brain dead after being hit by a van. But he blinked and started breathing on his own hours before his organs were due to be donated.

He suffered catastrophic head injuries after being struck by a vehicle in his hometown on March 13. According Mail Online, the teenager was flown by air ambulance to Royal Stoke University Hospital where his family were told four days later that he was brain dead and were asked to say their goodbyes. The family then agreed to donate his organs to help seven other people, but just hours before the surgery was scheduled the teenager began to breathe again on his own.

The miracle has now left the family hopeful of his recovery. Sharing an extraordinary video of him breathing, his sister Jade Roberts, 28, explains how it all transpired in a very emotional post.

She says she went in with some other family members to say their goodbyes, held Lewis’ hands and urged him to breathe. They had been for a brown line to show on the machine many days. It would mean he was breathing himself but there was nothing.

“Midnight When I said 1 2 3 breath Lewis a brown line showed. The middle line of the video shows the brown line which is Lewis taking a breath for himself. When I said breath the brown line showed and he took a breath, we were told no it must be an error, it is impossible,” she says in the post.

But as soon as she reached home she got a phone call saying Lewis was really breathing on his own. “His eyes are dilating which before we had nothing. Zero… And to be told he was brain dead and suffered brain stem death and was literally certified as dead..” she says in the post.

She further goes on to add the hospital and the family cannot even believe the miracle. They said they've never ever witnessed this and Lewis is the second person in the whole wide world to do this!!!!

Watch here:

A fund-raising appeal has been set up for the teenager, with £1,800 already donated.

Meanwhile, the investigation of the accident is underway. A Staffordshire Police spokesman said, “Inquiries are still ongoing with regards to establishing the circumstances around the collision and witnesses are still being spoken to.”

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