Watch David Beckham's hilarious reaction to being pranked by James Corden

Rachael Krishna

David Beckham was caught unable to hide his displeasure when James Corden pranked him with a fake statue on his late night show.

Beckham believed he was getting a sneak peak at a statue dedicated to him by former club LA Galaxy, and was being filmed by the club’s video team for the occasion, but instead saw a deliberately terrible statue of him not knowing it was made by Corden.

The LA Galaxy were supposed to be honoring David Beckham with a statue outside their stadium, but James Corden had other ideas.

“David’s a good friend of mine, and when I heard he hadn’t seen the fully finished statue, I thought thought it might be fun to switch out the real statue, with one that we made a little less flattering.”


Corden is show directing designers, and then advising actors to rile up the football legend, with one complimenting Beckham incorrectly on his time and Manchester City and calling him “Dave.”

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When it comes time for the big reveal, Corden laughs uncontrollably as Beckham’s face drops when he sees the statue, which appears to be a wink to fellow footballer Cristiano Ronaldo’s infamous statue.

James Corden unveils prank statue of David Beckham

Beckham is heard critiquing the statue to the fake artist: “It’s slightly different to what is was when I saw it in Chicago.”

“Look at my chin…look at my eyes. The only thing that is good is my hair.”

He starts to protest the statue being displayed in front of LA Galaxy’s stadium and shoo away cameras, when a forklift knocks over the statue and Corden appears. Both burst into laughter.

Corden and Beckham’s friendship goes back years; in 2009, Corden filmed a skit as his Gavin and Stacey character Smithy with Beckham and the England football team as part of Red Nose day

In good news, the real statue of Beckham was unveiled earlier this month, and this one actually resembles the legend.