Watch our Father’s Day celebration of what it means to be a dad

Father's Day is upon us!

On the third Sunday in June, the children of America have the opportunity to show their appreciation for their dads by buying him an overpriced greeting card and the gift of his dreams, assuming his dreams involve socks!

Actually, gift-giving is not obligatory, and the range of gift options for Father's Day has moved on from the cliched socks, ties, or slippers of our youth to include all the treasures that Amazon Prime has to offer and more.

But the day isn't about material things. For a dad, it's about feeling loved and appreciated for just doing you!

In the U.S., Father's Day was first observed in 1910 when it was introduced in the interests of gender equality to complement Mother's Day, which was celebrated for the first time two years earlier. Like its counterpart, Father's Day is not a federal holiday. And, though it always falls on a Sunday, there is no weekday off in lieu, and most businesses and all public transport systems observe a normal Sunday schedule.

Nonetheless, if you're a dad or a father figure, Father's Day makes you feel special, at least it does for me. Yes, there's a sentimental Hallmark vibe that most dads pretend they can do without for most of the year. But when your kids hand over that mom-wrapped gift and hastily scribbled card on a Father's Day morning, accompanied by a heartfelt "Love you, Dad," be honest, there's no better feeling in the world!

In honor of Father's Day, watch the videos above for a sweet collection of father-child moments.

Btw. Just in case you've bought one of those blank cards and are struggling for something to write, here's a Father's Day gift from us. Move over, Dr.Seuss; there's a new kid in town.

Calling all dads.

Today is your day.

It’s time to relax.

Put your troubles away.

You’re the man of the hour.

You are caring and wise.

You are one of a kind,

not just one of the guys.

So, for all that you are

and for all that you do,

you’ve been granted a day

that’s devoted to you.

You’re a father, a mentor,

an idol, a friend.

You’re the dad of all dads.

So enjoy it.

The End.

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This article originally appeared on USA TODAY: Father’s Day: a day to make your dad feel special