Watch the first 12 minutes of “Survivor 46” premiere

Learn who puked on the boat ride into the game.

<p>CBS</p> The Siga tribe on


The Siga tribe on 'Survivor 46'

There is so much Survivor coming your way on Wednesday, Feb. 28. That is when the supersized two-hour season premiere of Survivor 46 will air on CBS at 8 p.m. But no need to wait until then to check out some of the action, because CBS just dropped the first 12 minutes of the episode on TikTok.

Those 12 minutes are separated into three different clips (you can watch the first below and then see the others in the TikTok comments), and they show lots of mud, sweat, and tears. There are also some surprises! Like, say, the fact that the first voice we hear is not host Jeff Probst, but rather a dude named Tevin. That would be Tevin Davis, one of the 18 contestants set to do battle this season, and Tevin apparently has a skill of summing up what exactly Survivor is all about because that is how we kick off Survivor 46.

You’ll also find out who vomited on the boat ride to the marooning, who “didn’t know whether to laugh or cry or crap my pants,” and who enjoys wearing a paper bag on her head for no apparent reason. There is also a fair amount of Taylor Swift talk, but I suppose that is the case pretty much wherever you go and whatever you do these days.

<p>CBS</p> Kenzie Petty on 'Survivor 46'


Kenzie Petty on 'Survivor 46'

You will also get to see the majority of the very first challenge as the three tribes of Yanu, Siga, and Nami compete for camp supplies right out of the gate — and let’s just say there are a few players already impressing with their effort. But will that help them or hurt them? Because on Survivor, you never really know. Check out the first 12 minutes for yourself above, and then place your bets as to who will ultimately emerge as the Sole Survivor.

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