Watch Marquette King kick a cake, a sandwich, and a roast chicken

Don’t look now, but the Oakland Raiders are quickly becoming a likable team. Yes, aside from the certain-to-be-ugly split as the team departs the Bay Area for Las Vegas in the coming years, you’ve got one of the game’s finest up-and-coming quarterbacks in Derek Carr, a bulldozing Jedi in Marshawn Lynch, an agile defense, and — of all things — a punter who’s a social-media maestro.

Marquette King doesn’t get much time on the field — generally, when he’s on, something hasn’t gone well enough for the Raiders — but he makes the most of his time, booting footballs half a mile and celebrating like he’s Antonio Brown after a couple energy drinks. So he makes up for the lack of attention on the field by going all-out online, and in a short video the NFL, he takes fans behind the scenes (sort of) of his life. It’s like an old episode of “Cribs,” except instead of just showing off props rented for the show, King kicks ’em, too.

Sure, there are the detours into Power Rangers obsessions and theories on moving to Las Vegas (“maybe they’ll let [players] go early and get all the turnt-up out of their system”). But the highlight of the visit was a trip to a Scottsdale, Ariz. field, where King kicked pretty much everything he could find at a grocery store. A few highlights, like birthday cake:

A sandwich:

Strangely, roast chicken:

Marquette King is, at long last, answering that age-old NFL question: Is it possible to actually root for a punter?

Marquette King, loving life. (Getty)

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