Watch Meghan Markle Open The Door For Prince Harry

Daisy Murray
Photo credit: Getty Images


Despite being a wedding of international and historic interest, what made Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day so impressive were the many personal touches.

Ensuring they maintained the pomp and grandeur we expect of a Royal Wedding, complete with a high-medieval Gothic chapel and a horse-drawn carriage, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s personalities shone through in their choice of Bishop, readings, music and more.

Everything from Meghan’s veil, adorned with flora and fauna of the commonwealth, to the couch in their official portraits, which was a nod to Harry’s mother Lady Diana, was meticulously chosen.

Photo credit: Getty Images

However, whilst we have been poring over the hidden details of the nuptials for days now, there might have been one moment that we originally missed.

After their carriage ride and some alone time on Saturday, the newlyweds stepped out in their evening outfits for the night’s revelry, Harry in a suit and Markle in her second dress of the day, this time in an iconic Stella McCartney number.

Since most of us were staring at that bias-cut, fish-tail dress, the 1968 Jaguar E-Type Concept Zero and Meghan’s ‘something blue’ Lady Diana ring, we missed an adorable second, shared between the two.

Ever the gentleman, the Duke made sure he opened the door of the car for his new wife, and, in a moment of unguarded equality, Markle leant over and opened the door for her new husband.

Now, we know this isn’t the most ground-breaking of feminist acts, but it does show that these two operate as equals, no matter the ceremony of the day.

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