Watch This MkIV Supra Get Its First Bath Since 2011

1995 toyota supra turbo in yard
Watch a MkIV Supra Get Its First Bath Since 2011WD Detailing on YouTube

Sometimes, life gets in the way and pulls us out of the garage. That’s the sort of situation that took place with this particular 1995 Toyota Supra and its owner, which is why it's been left sitting uncovered in a backyard since 2011. Thanks to the guys at WD Detailing on YouTube, we have a chance to see this rotting icon get its first proper bath in nearly 15 years.

The MkIV Toyota Supra is one of the all-time iconic automobiles, particularly when it comes to the turbocharged models. This has caused the price of these machines to skyrocket in recent years, with unmodified examples becoming increasingly difficult to find. This particular car, which the owner has had since 2001, is about as stock as these turbos come. The owner has only installed an aftermarket blow-off valve, as well as a Greddy Turbo Timer. That said, the car has around 100,000 miles on the 2JZ-GTE engine and happens to be an automatic model. Not the ideal collector spec, but it's certainly worthy of being rescued from its current condition.

While the Nineties sports car might not look all that bad, a close inspection highlights just how nasty this Supra has gotten. The green flecks in the paintwork aren’t some sort of Fast and Furious tribute paint job, but rather a serious amount of mold that has spread over the years. There are also parts of the clear that have burned away under the sun, but not as bad as you might expect after over a decade of exposure. A creature of some kind had also created a home in the undertray, while mice appear to have nested in the rear hatch. That said, nothing was quite as gross as the mountain of bugs that were living under the fuel door. The interior was also filled with mold on almost every surface, highlighting the neglect it's faced over the years.

1995 toyota supra turbo detailed by wd detailing
WD Detailing on YouTube

With a little bit of elbow grease and some of their cleaning products, the team at WD Detailing managed to get the Supra looking fairly presentable. There are still some areas where the clear coat is a bit rashy, but the buffing wheel was able to remove a significant amount of surface oxidation. The interior looks dramatically better than before, though some of the carpet stainings appear to have been difficult to remove. Regardless, the car is ready for the owner to get it back on the road after a service. I’m sure it’ll be much harder to ignore the sports car now that it looks shiny and relatively fresh.

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