Watch This Really Pregnant Woman Do Pull-ups

Stockholm-based personal trainer Sara Wiss isn’t letting pregnancy slow her down. At 41 weeks pregnant, just three days before giving birth to a healthy boy, Wiss posted a video of herself flawlessly executing five pull-ups.

The CrossFit enthusiast took a two-week break from the gym as her due date neared, but she started to get restless as the date passed, so she decided to get the blood pumping at the gym and in the sauna to speed up her delivery.

Wiss was doing the same number of weighted pull-ups pre-pregnancy, as well as two weeks prior to her due date. Throughout her pregnancy, she maintained her fast-paced workouts, saying that she hardly had to adjust them for her heavier body, although she doesn’t recommend such intense cardio for pregnant women who haven’t done similar exercises “1,000 times before.”

Wiss even had abs at 33 weeks pregnant, showing her fans that pregnant women can keep up, and much more.

Wiss isn’t the first pregnant woman to make headlines for her incredible fitness feats. Chontel Duncan and Sarah Stage showed off rock-hard abs at eight months pregnant, Julie Baird set an impossible standard for post-baby bodies, and Emily Breeze finished the Crossfit Open at 35 weeks pregnant.

Wiss and her fit mom counterparts are here to show us all that pregnancy and fitness can, in fact, go hand in hand.

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