• Woman leaves screen share on while browsing the web in 'most embarrassing work story'

    A woman shared one of her most cringeworthy work moments. Now, people are sharing their own. We've all had mortifying moments on the job before. Some of us have had Freudian slips at the wrong time during a presentation or have gotten caught up in office gossip. for the TikToker @nitetoast, technology was her Achilles' heel. After spacing out during a meeting one time, she forgot to turn off her screen sharing function. "I zoned out while screen sharing and slowly scrolled through the ENTIRE Brittany Murphy Wikipedia page, and no one on my team told me until after the meeting". The hilarious admission prompted TikTokers to share their own real-life examples of similar work blunders. "Once I needed to import an order file into our sales server, and I accidentally uploaded a GIF of Kris Jenner that I’d had on my desktop instead," a user said. "One time, my engineer started looking up SpongeBob video clips on YouTube while he was still screen sharing in front of our client, and it was adorable," someone commented

  • TikToker shows how to use Slack app to procrastinate while working from home

    TikToker shows how to use Slack app to procrastinate while working from home. TikTokers are sharing how they use mobile apps to get away with taking a load off during work. It all started when @alperavi said he only downloaded mobile work chatting apps so that he could look present while running errands. Other people responded with how they used apps like Slack to take advantage of working from home's unintended benefits. Some users pointed out that Slack may not be the best app on which to pull this little trick. "Slack will show a phone icon next to your name when you’re using your phone, BTW," a user commented. However, most people were happy to confess they used the mobile work apps for the same reason. Answering when I’m lying on my couch, and I don’t want to stand up and go to my desk," a TikToker replied

  • 5 easy bagel sandwiches to pack ahead of time

    Get excited about lunch again!

  • Lele Pons is 'still hot' as she proudly shows off her cellulite

    Lele Pons is letting the world know how sexy cellulite can be. Over the weekend, the Venezuelan beauty, 25, posted mirror selfies in which she's posing in a swimsuit and showing off cellulite on her thigh. In the images, the YouTube personality’s legs are on full display as she writes simply in the caption: “#cellulite.”

  • Girlfriend signs boyfriend's 'permission slip' for a boys' night out

    When a man invited his friends to a boy's night, he sent permission slips to their wives . TikToker @talgonza's boyfriend wanted his night out to go smoothly and took the necessary precautions. She shared a text message exchange between her boyfriend and a group chat with his friends. He then shared a link with the group chat that included the form "Application for Night Out with the Boys — Fill Out and Use" . The form states the man in question will only visit a set list of locations . The application also required the men to remain at least 100 feet away from a "stripper or exotic dancer" . People thought her husband's message was hilarious