• Gen Z knows how to build a brand and it starts with 'the power of TikTok' — seriously

    Emmy Rener, who graduated high school in March 2020. grew up in a world where people bought things from Instagram over TV commercials and discovered new brands from tags on a post instead of a magazine ad. So when she was at home during the pandemic and taking a gap year before college, she started Sophisticated Spreads. a curated cheeseboard business, on the idea that she could get it off the ground with the help of influencer marketing. Sophisticated Spreads is a very Instagrammable idea, and a lot of its growth was dependent on customers taking photos of their charcuterie boxes and posting them on social media. This power was highlighted best when actress Sofia Vergara posted a mini Modern Family reunion picnic featuring one of the Sophisticated Spread's platters. "From [Vergara's] endorsements, and the TikTok I made about her I think I’ve gained over 20,000 followers on TikTok and upwards of 5,000 followers on Instagram," Rener said. Ultimately, her dream endorsement would be from Lizzo — who she would send a vegan cheeseboard, of course — . and she hopes to one day get the attention of TikTok creators like Tinx, Fibula and Remi Bader

  • TikTok users are disgusted by a 'gross' gadget that turns eggs into 'egg tubes'

    Is the viral "egg tube" maker gross ... or kind of genius?

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  • Nike is having a massive sale on shoes, apparel and more — get up to 50% off

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  • For Gen Z, understanding personal finance begins with the most important question — what is money?

    Welcome to In The Know: Money with Marsai Martin, where acclaimed Hollywood actress and executive producer, Marsai Martin, will answering all of your questions about personal finance. Through interviews with expert guests, Marsai will explore concepts from savings and credit cards to financial red lines. But first, what exactly is money?

  • Meet Nicholas Galitzine, the prince in Camila Cabello's 'Cinderella' movie

    There's a new live adaptation of Cinderella starring pop star Camila Cabello coming to Amazon Prime. As for Cinderella's love interest Prince Charming the coveted role goes to Nicholas Galitzine. Here's everything you need to know about the latest Gen Z heartthrob. Galitzine has had leads in Handsome Devil, The Craft: Legacy and The Beat Beneath My Feet. He has also appeared in Chambers, The Changeover and Legends. Despite nabbing his first film role at 20 years old, Galitzine pursued acting later than his peers. While attending an all-boys school, much of his focus was on playing rugby and soccer. After an injury, he set his sights on acting. But his friends told him he was too late. He ended up scoring the lead role in 2014's The Beat Beneath My Feet which led to a part in Netflix's short-lived sci-fi Chambers. The actor is a fan of eclectic fashion and likes playing characters who each have their own style, according to an interview with Vogue

  • Here's how to get the blue and red filter on TikTok

    People are using a "blue and red filter" on TikTok to duet with themselves. Luckily you don't need any third-party apps to get this effect — all you need is the TikTok app. First, Open the TikTok app and tap "+create" at the bottom of the screen. Then, Hit the "effects" option and locate the "trending" category. Lastly, Tap the icon and start recording your video — to switch between the red and blue lighting, blink your eyes. Musical fans and lip-syncers have embraced the "blue and red" filter as perfect for the In The Heights challenge and other duets

  • Suzanne Somers shares how she and Alan Hamel keep their sex life hot

    Suzanne Somers, author and businesswoman and star of "Three’s Company," discusses sex after 70 and how she and her hubby, Alan Hamel, have kept their romance alive after 50 years together.

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  • Mom is praised for huge, ‘beautiful’ blended family with ex-husband: ‘This is called being mature adults’

    The blended family includes a lot of exes and new partners — but there's nothing but love.

  • This father-daughter sing-a-long has TikTok beaming: ‘I was having a bad until this video’

    This dad knew exactly how to get his baby girl singing.

  • Delivery room camera captures dad breaking down after ‘scariest silence of [his] life’: ‘My heart dropped’

    During the birth of their daughter, this family lost the baby's heartbeat, resulting in the "scariest silence" of their lives. But when her cry finally pierced the air, Dad couldn't hold back his tears.

  • Oblivious UPS driver hilariously interrupts wife’s online shopping prank: ‘That guy deserves a raise for his timing’

    When this husband told his wife to stop online shopping, she pulled the ultimate prank on him with a stack of empty boxes — but it didn't exactly go to plan...

  • Kate Hudson shares sweet moment with her daughter Rani

    Kate Hudson is proving that there is nothing better than being a mother's arms. On Friday, the 42-year-old actress shared a video to her Instagram that showed her serenely standing in the water wearing a bathing suit and floppy sun hat while holding tight her 2-year-old daughter, Rani Fujikawa, whom she shares with partner Danny Fujikawa.

  • Strangers rush to help after noticing carnival attraction 'malfunction': 'This is why I don't trust carnival rides'

    Bystanders came to the rescue when a ride at the National Cherry Festival began to break down.

  • This father-daughter sing-a-long has TikTok beaming

    There’s nothing like quality father-daughter time and this duo has got it down pat. Austin Miles Geter is dad to baby Charlie Bea Geter. Charlie has a robust TikTok following of 551,000 where she spends a lot of time hanging with dad. In one video, Austin and Charlie performed their own rendition of “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. “If you’re happy and you know it say, ‘da-da,'” Austin sang. Charlie paused for a moment looking at her dad as they laid in bed. Then she smiled at him. “Da-da!” Charlie squealed. “If you’re happy and you know it, say, ‘da-da,'” Austin repeated. “Da-da Da-da!” Charlie replied, giggling. The father-daughter sing-a-long racked up 6 million views. People loved the healthy dose of wholesome fun. “She’s got you wrapped around her little finger,” one person wrote. “That encourages her to talk when you pause like that so she can process what you’re saying. Good job, Da-da,” another said. “Pure serotonin. I was having a bad day until this video of yours,” a user commented

  • Mom is praised for huge 'beautiful' blended family with ex-husband

    The relationships in this blended family are so complicated, they'll make your head spin. Andressa Tavares Pinto celebrated her large blended family on TikTok. A blended family is when one or both parents have kids from a previous relationship and combine them to form a new family unit. Pinto showed off her big family and described their complex relationships to one another. The video included Pinto, her fiancé and their baby. Pinto's ex-husband and the daughter she had with him stood next to her. Her ex-husband's new girlfriend and her son were also there. Her fiancé's ex-girlfriend stood with the daughter they had together, and her boyfriend and his two daughters, too. Yeah, that's some pretty complicated stuff to keep track of at face value, but for Pinto, it was actually fairly simple. "We are family," she said in the video. The video received 9.6 million views. It's unsurprising that so many could relate to having a family that doesn't fit the typical American "nuclear" mold

  • Woman stirs controversy with ‘toxic’ behavior toward restaurant waitress

    A man insulted his wife's close friend over an incident with a restaurant server. He explained the situation on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. While out to dinner at a crowded restaurant, his wife's friend was rude to the server. He felt that her behavior was uncalled for. But it wasn't until they were leaving the restaurant that he came to his "tipping point" . He left the waitress a 55% tip because she looked incredibly stressed and tired. "The friend, seeing me putting the cash down, asks in a very snarky tone, 'Why are you tipping at all for such s*** service?,'" the man said. "I should mention that the waitress was standing right there the whole time". The man went off on the friend in front of the entire restaurant, calling out her poor behavior. "Later that night, my wife came up to me and said that while, yes, the friend was being obnoxious...". "I shouldn't have called her out publicly, as I had embarrassed her in front of the whole (packed) restaurant". Reddit users thought the husband was in the right. "Thank you for standing up for that waitress!" a person commented

  • Delivery room camera captures dad breaking down after 'scariest silence of [his] life'

    Footage from a family's scary moment in the delivery room is going viral, causing parents everywhere to shed an empathetic tear. TikToker Sheri (@sherinicole455) received over 4 million views when she posted the emotional video of her daughter's birth to TikTok. But this was no ordinary labor and delivery video. In the footage, Sheri explains that while she was pushing, they lost her baby girl's heartbeat. The mom and dad anxiously held their breaths as the doctors and nurses worked on their little girl, waiting to see if she was ok. Finally, her cry pierced the air — and immediately, Sheri's husband broke down in tears. Thousands of TikTokers shared their emotional reactions to the footage

  • 5 3-ingredient summer slushies

    If you enjoy a refreshing icy slushie, look no further than these 5 super quick, 3-ingredient slushies. 1. The viral favorite that started it all: the watermelon strawberry lime slushie. The filmer simply adds watermelon, frozen strawberries, and lime into the blender and finishes it off in a big glass. 2. For a nostalgic treat, try this 3-ingredient lemonade slushie. Just pour frozen store-bought lemonade, one cup of ice cubes, and half a cup of water into a blender and mix. 3. This cotton candy slushy is a twist on a classic carnival treat. To make the slushie, just add mini ice cubes, cotton candy grapes, and tropical punch to a blender. 4. Take your slushie game to the next level with this alcoholic spiked seltzer version. Blend together your preferred spiked seltzer, frozen berries, and ice. 5. You’ve got to wait a bit for this 10-minute slushie hack. Pour your favorite juice into a small sealable plastic bag, put that into a bigger sealable plastic bag with ice and salt and wrap it up in a towel

  • Home chef calls out vegan dinner guest over their ‘unreasonable’ last-minute demands

    When a woman was hosting family dinner, a surprise guest's dietary restrictions caught her off guard. She asked for advice on Reddit's "Am I the A******" forum. She cooked dinner for her family after work one day. But her sister brought over a surprise guest. The poster had no idea that the person was coming, or that that they were vegan. But her family became upset when she refused to cook a separate vegan dinner. Her sister was unhappy that the meal wasn't vegan, even though she brought the guest without warning. "My parents were a little upset as well," she wrote. "They said, 'Go and cook her some food, she must be hungry'". "I concluded by saying that 'I don’t know how to make vegan dishes. and if she’s that hungry, she can use UberEats to order what she’s comfortable with'". Reddit users thought the family was out of line. "Your sister is being so unreasonable, how could she bring a surprise guest without notice and expect you to be a psychic and cook vegan dishes?" one person commented