#WatchAnywhere: Where will you use the Yahoo Sports app to watch today's games?

No matter how big of a football fan you are, other events can sometimes get in the way.  Life sadly doesn’t  stop and start at the NFL’s convenience.

[Stream the NFL Playoffs live on the Yahoo Sports mobile app]

In the past, a scheduling conflict like a job or a party meant scrambling toward the nearest TV set or sneaking peeks at a text-based game center on your phone.

But no more! With last weekend’s arrival of the live NFL playoff streaming on the Yahoo Sports app, there are no longer any obstacles to watching every single second of the this season’s playoffs.

Some of our own football-mad Yahoo Sports employees and readers learned this the easy way during the divisional playoffs, seamlessly using the app to watch the great endings in Philadelphia, Minneapolis and Pittsburgh.

Here’s a sampling of where people used the app to watch the games:

And with both of Sunday’s games set to stream on the Yahoo Sports app, people are already making plans within their plans to watch.

Where are you planning on watching today’s game? Let us know on social media with #WatchAnywhere.

Even if it’s with a cat.

This postseason, there’s a new player in the playoffs. Watch the AFC and NFC Championship games – and Super Bowl LII – live on the Yahoo Sports mobile app.